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Abloy offers access for SME businesses

by Benchmark

Incedo Business from Abloy is an access control system for small to medium businesses which incorporates software and hardware into a single management platform. Incedo can adapt to a business’ individual needs, delivering one system that links all solutions in a building making them easier to manage.

Incedo includes a personalised interface that combines hardware with a cloud-based system, offering operational benefits including access management and audit trails. As well as integrating existing systems, Incedo can also adapt to work with future hardware if a business decides to invest in new equipment.

Businesses are increasingly understanding that a locking solution can offer far more than just a method of securing a building, and connectivity offers greater control. The impact of a lost or stolen mechanical key is that the room or building is no longer secure. With Incedo, a lost or stolen key can be revoked via the management platform.

When employees or contractors require access to areas of a building, Incedo delivers connectivity and simplicity to manage the movement of people. Facilities managers can enjoy increased control of the premises and detailed audit trails of employee’s movements. The management software will provide information on who, when and where an area is accessed in real time.

End users will have an individually programmed keypad access code or card reader that will provide access to all areas they are authorised to enter. In addition, those that require changing access rights can have increased access granted in a matter of minutes, which also can be provided with a timed access feature.

Scaling capabilities allow more individuals and access points can be added to the system. The software also integrates all security elements of the business, including video, to combine the data into one place rather than in multiple systems.

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