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AMADEO shows a new perspective for Hospitality Security at TSE24

by Geny Caloisi

Hotel security systems provider AMADEO, will be participating at this year’s at The Security Event in Birmingham, presenting its cutting-edge Smart Hotel Security solutions aimed at reshaping the hospitality industry’s security landscape.

Providing hotel guests with safe and seamless experiences, is AMADEO FreeFlex, an advancement in hotel electronic access control. Traditional systems, such as key card systems, while effective, come with their own set of challenges – from lost or demagnetised cards to environmental concerns regarding waste.

Its patented, 96-Bit binary-coded system enhances security and efficiency, allowing for dynamic locking plan updates and easy access rights management.

FreeFlex is a Nickel-free and Lead-free key that offers flexibility in managing access to mechanical cylinders. As staff can be given updated keys without replacing cylinders, it streamlines operations and enhances security.

AMADEO FreeFlex redefines access management with the world’s first encoded binary digital mechanical key. This solution offers smart, secure, and sustainable access control. With this there is no more need for carrying multiple access devices,  using instead NFC-enabled keys, ensuring the highest levels of security for guests and staff alike.

From office buildings to airports, FreeFlex simplifies access management, enhancing operational efficiency and safety.

AMADEO also offers key pad, mobile and electronic access solutions.

Visit Amadeo on Stand 5/M70

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