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Avassa and OnLogic powering industrial IoT edge with software-hardware fusion

by Geny Caloisi
Avassa, a provider of edge application management and operations platforms, and OnLogic, a global industrial computer manufacturer, have announced a partnership to deliver a comprehensive edge solution specifically designed for industrial IoT edge environments.

Avassa, with its expertise in managing container applications and AI models at the edge, and OnLogic, known for its highly configurable, solution-focused industrial computers, together offer a full-stack edge solution. This solution is purpose-built for edge environments and addresses various use cases such as site installation, deployment, monitoring, and securing applications across numerous locations.

Carl Moberg, CTO of Avassa, highlights that both Avassa and OnLogic are “edge-native” and purpose-built for distributed edge and IoT environments. Their combined offering aims to solve the unique challenges of edge computing.

As the Industrial IoT realm undergoes significant transformation towards intelligent, fully containerised applications, this partnership is poised to provide a comprehensive solution for modern edge deployments.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Avassa to help provide enterprise customers a comprehensive solution for containerization and orchestration for modern edge deployments,” said Kim Wasserman, OnLogic VP of Product Management. “Their software solutions are a beautiful complement to our rugged and reliable hardware for IIoT applications and beyond. Like us, Avassa does everything they can to empower customers on their journey to innovation at the edge. We’re excited to offer OEMs, end users, and solution providers a more comprehensive solution for managing applications at the edge, and turning their data into actionable insights and ROI.”

The partnership between Avassa and OnLogic aims to meet and exceed the demands of next-generation combined software and hardware industrial IoT solutions. Their full-stack solution enables enterprises to fully use IoT systems, manage industrial IoT applications centrally and securely, and benefit from hardware designed for harsh, rugged environments.

Both Avassa and OnLogic offer solutions specifically engineered for the IoT edge. OnLogic’s industrial computers are fan-less, rugged, resistant to extreme temperatures, and built for harsh, industrial environments. Avassa’s Edge Platform is purpose-built for managing and operating container applications running at the edge, offering unique functionality for edge-specific challenges such as targeted deployments, OS upgrades, and offline application capabilities.

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