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Axis Unveils Pair of New Explosion-Proof Network Devices

by Geny Caloisi
Axis Communications has introduced its first explosion-protected thermometric camera and network horn speaker, designed for use in hazardous locations. These products are compliant with international explosion-protected standards and demonstrate Axis’s commitment to expanding its explosion-protected range.

The AXIS Q1961-XTE is the first thermometric camera specifically designed for Zone and Division 2, enabling remote temperature monitoring to enhance operational efficiency. It extends the detection range into Zone and Division 1 hazardous locations, making temperature monitoring more accessible and potentially reducing hardware costs.

The camera’s remote temperature monitoring and automated alert feature provide early warnings of overheating equipment, enhancing operational efficiency and safety in critical infrastructure and industrial environments. Temperature readings from monitored zones are available in a metadata stream, allowing for trend monitoring and enabling preventative maintenance.

To safeguard sensitive information and prevent unauthorised access, the AXIS Q1961-XTE features Axis Edge Vault, a hardware-based platform that ensures the integrity of Axis devices.

The AXIS XC1311 Explosion-Protected Network Horn Speaker enhances health and safety applications, operational efficiency, and security across hazardous areas with automatic alerts via network camera integration. It can relay audio warnings about potential fire risks, issue reminders to wear personal protective equipment, and warn about dangerous location access.

The horn speaker can also relay real-time severe weather alerts and can be manually operated to issue live instructions and individual audio messages to specific areas on the site. With simple audio management software preinstalled, the Axis network horn speaker is faster to install, configure, and manage compared to an analogue system, reducing the total cost of ownership.

Like Axis explosion-protected cameras, the design and manufacture of these products comply with explosion-protected standards and require full traceability of all critical components for 10 years.

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