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The power of OPEN communication

by Geny Caloisi

Axis Communications, Genetec and Milestone held the first Europe-wide security industry event this year, called OPEN. As a result of the well-attended conferences, Axis’ key staff shared the learnings, takeaways, and the importance of an open approach in all aspects of technology.

The organisation has learned much from organising events on such a large scale after hosting its initial series of industry-uniting OPEN events across five countries, including #OPENLondon at Wembley Stadium, which attracted approximately 500 attendees. There were plenary sessions, debates, and workshops, as well as the opportunity to test new technology and network with like-minded individuals.

“OPEN is energy, communication, and innovation,” says Axis Regional Director for Northern Europe, Linn Storäng. “By sharing ideas, we move forward as an industry. OPEN was a great opportunity not only for Axis to tell people where we are today and where we’re heading in the future but also for representatives of the entire industry to put their heads together and form the important relationships which will lead to the great open innovations of tomorrow.”

Removing the limits of digital transformation

Axis Communications has maintained an open approach to its technology since introducing the first networked surveillance camera to the market in 1996. OPEN saw high-level speakers discussing the issues that matter most to the security industry – and revealed how such an open approach can help to solve today’s problems and generate new solutions. 

Along with topics such as supply chain resilience, ethics and sustainability, cybersecurity and its effect on device interoperability, and compliance and data regulation, speakers at OPEN highlighted the importance of digital transformation. The continuing convergence of security and non-security workflows proved to be a hot topic, driven by the rising integration of AI and deep learning into network video platforms. 

The key message, echoed by many speakers at OPEN, was that such innovation is only made possible by open platforms which encourage development and experimentation without limits. The digital transformation of video surveillance pushes cameras beyond their pre-defined boundaries, and such fresh capabilities naturally draw in departments and stakeholders that would not previously have been concerned about the security function.

OPEN events will provide delegates with a platform to learn about the industry’s pressing issues, such as digital transformation and cyber security, and how technology drives innovation. 


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