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Comelit-PAC launches IP access control

by Geny Caloisi

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Comelit-PAC has launched the 511DCi IP One Door Controller as part of its PAC Access Control range.  In addition to offering the same capabilities as the unsurpassed 512 DCi 2 door controller, the new PAC IP single access door controller from the global security specialist also supports one door rather than two, on a read-in/read-out or read-in/request-to-exit basis.

Fully integrated into a PAC eco-system, it is available either as an Enclosure with 50W PSU, or as a DIN Mount option.  It works with alarm, fire safety, and building systems and supports many integrations with 3rd party products and readers.  

Says Steve Riley, PAC GDX Division Director: “We’re thrilled to bring to market our 511 DCi single door controller.  This is an exciting launch for Comelit-PAC, recognising our incredible commitment and investment into research and development and ensuring we present products with mutual benefit to our complete customer base, not least the time, resource and cost savings that can be achieved.”

 “Our new 1 Door Controller has been designed to address this specifically and offer an unrivalled proposition to our customers and the market in general.  Coming with all the feature-rich specifications you would expect from PAC Access Control, it’s a solution that is quick and easy to design, quote, and install. It also means PAC can be utilised both for new installations and the retrofit of any other existing systems utilising the existing cabling and reader infrastructure.   All of this is delivered with a price point that will make Security Installers pay attention.”

The 511 DCi 1 Door Controller supports a vast range of reader, card and token formats, including PAC OPS – PAC’s Anti-Cloning Technology.  It has also been designed with inbuilt intelligence for offline working continuity, presenting powerful reliability, backed with a long life and five-year warranty. 

As standard, this 1 door controller comes with PAC’s exclusive One Touch Test feature to allow single engineer commissioning and a 5-second test confirming all cabling between the controller, reader, and lock is correct and working.


Key features include its expansion capability via either additional network points or by utilising PAC’s 485 Bus with 512 DC controllers allowing up to 47 doors from one IP point locally.  Overall a PAC Access Control System can support more than 2,000 Doors, and up to 75,000 Cardholders, making it suitable for any installation from a single door all the way through large enterprise-level systems.

Steve concludes: “Our capability to work from initial design with distributors and specifiers through to installation, where we are always conscious of simplifying the process to encourage installers to offer this smart technology, have been meticulous.  Even after work programmes are complete, we have ensured monitoring capability to guarantee continued high security.  It all comes together to show how we are committed to our high levels of service and for all of our customers to feel we are “with you always.”



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