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Comelit-PAC’s Sweet Success with Chain Bridge Honey Farm

by Geny Caloisi

In the delicate dance of beekeeping, smoke is like the beekeeper’s version of a diplomat’s negotiation skills. The ancient art of “smoke whispering” appeases the winged workforce that tirelessly labours within the honeyed heart of their hives. Yet, while honey production’s smoke tactic is hailed as a genius bee-calming manoeuvre, it’s important to note that not all smoke is created equal.
Chain Bridge Honey Farm, a renowned honey farming and visitor attraction, has installed LogiFire, a fire safety solution from Comelit-PAC.

 Located in the picturesque countryside of Horncliffe, The Chain Bridge Honey Farm is a flourishing family business started by beekeeping advisor William Selby Robson in 1948.  The farm presents three honey houses and a visitor centre with over 2,000 hives.

 To enhance fire safety measures initially at the Farm’s popular Visitor Centre, ensuring the utmost safety for visitors and staff, the team consulted with local SPARC Fire and Security specialists to design and install a compliant fire safety system.  

Based on previous experience, Comelit-PAC’s LogiFire system was recommended as a self-addressing solution that could enable monitoring and management through cloud technology.  It was designed to seamlessly blend with its surroundings and ensure comprehensive coverage across its expansive facility.

Frances Robson of Chain Bridge Honey Farm says: “Our farm attracts thousands of visitors each year who come and learn about beekeeping, explore the farm’s honey products and experience the beauty of nature.  The visitor centre is a popular destination, especially with our observation hive, which is essential for us to keep safe and secure.

“SPARC Fire and Security worked closely with us to update our existing fire safety system, recommending LogiFire for its bespoke capabilities and advanced features, ensuring we comply with the latest legislation.  Its installation was so seamless we’re already looking at further ways to utilise LogiFire across our vast farm site to ensure staff, visitors, and valuable assets are well-protected from fire hazards.  

LogiFire addressable system has been designed to offer a simple-to-install fire safety solution that is compliant with EN Approvals. It is complemented by a range of detectors, offered with award-winning designs to ensure systems blend with their surroundings.

Andrew Harris, Director at Sparc Fire and Security, added: “Chain Bridge Honey Farm faced the challenge of updating their existing fire safety infrastructure to meet evolving safety regulations and ensure comprehensive coverage across their expansive facility. 

“They required a system that would provide remote early detection and reliable fire alarms and offer seamless integration with their existing systems.   LogiFire ticked all the boxes, especially being a self-addressing, cloud-based system which offers remote monitoring capability for the management team.”

Mandy Bowden, Comelit-PAC Fire Manager, concluded: “Chain Bridge Honey Farm really is a unique location and showcases the true capability of LogiFire to accommodate any site without compromise to compliance, style or unparalleled capabilities.  Its bespoke features and use of advanced technology enable swift identification and resolution of any system issues, ensuring optimal performance at all times. As a result, Chain Bridge Honey Farm can focus on its core operations of producing gorgeous honey products, safe in the confidence that its premises and visitors are protected by a state-of-the-art fire safety system.”


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