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barox launches new 10Gb ‘light-core’ switch range at The Security Event

by Geny Caloisi

Barox will show its range of Ethernet switches and Device Management System (DMS) VMS integration technology at The Security Event (TSE), which will take place between 30 April and 2 May 2024 at the NEC, Birmingham.

At TSE, barox will be showcasing its Ethernet switch products and advanced DMS network monitoring tool integrated with Genesys by ISM – the NPSA-approved command and control platform, thanks to its CAPSS certification. With this advanced barox integration capability, security surveillance solutions for Government, MOD, data centres and other high-security sectors, to name but a few, now have access to sophisticated network diagnostic tools across site-wide security systems and Building Management Solutions via Genesys by ISM integrated Command and Control platform. 

Third-party integration is one of the many benefits of barox. It provides access to the full range of barox technology, including Active Camera Monitoring, PoE monitoring, Active PoE Power-up Management, and Non-Stop PoE. Network switches can serve as ‘health centres’ for other devices on the network thanks to their graphical interface and diagnostic tools. Additionally, this integration enhances cyber security by providing authentication certificates between the camera and the control platform. These features ensure ultimate peace of mind for users.

By integrating a barox Ethernet switch, enhanced diagnostic data enables the fast diagnosis of network and device issues – enabling faults and outages to be diagnosed remotely. For example, suppose a network camera fails to respond. In those instances, barox switches can send a re-boot command autonomously, saving significant device downtime and, in some cases, resolving the issue without engineer intervention. PoE on ports can be remotely controlled to re-set or switch them off, if necessary if there is a security breach. This advanced capability stands barox apart from other network equipment manufacturers. It has proven to be an invaluable asset and, quite literally, ‘game-changing’ in managing high-security video surveillance networks. 

Also to be seen at the show, barox will reveal their all-new RY-LGSO38-10 19″ 10Gb Ethernet switch, featuring 10 x 10Gb port capability with a substantial 200Gb backplane, DMS, robust security features and dynamic routing. The first of a new range of 10Gb SFP switches, the Layer 2 and Layer 3 devices were explicitly developed to cater to modern video’s ever-increasing bandwidth demands over IP and video streaming, in conjunction with multicast – for large projects and the latest camera advancements. The new switch also boasts extensive security features that protect it and network traffic. The most complex network requirements can be met with its extensive management options.

Commenting on the show, Sarah Moss, barox Sales Manager UK & Eire, says: “We are looking forward to exhibiting at this year’s The Security Event and demonstrating how barox’s unique depth of switch and integration technology can optimise video network performance, management, and efficiencies.”

Rudolf Rohr, barox Co-founder & Managing partner, said: “We look forward to demonstrating barox’s technical ability to integrate its DMS network monitoring tool into third-party VMS platforms at this year’s TSE. This ability is unique in the CCTV market. It has the potential to dramatically reduce support engineering calls and costs by helping to quickly pinpoint and potentially resolve network, device and cable issues without any user interaction. This extensive integration capability sets barox apart from other switch providers and is just one step on our journey to build our international brand further.”

Visitors can find barox at stand number 5/P90, where they will be showing their support of professional systems integrators by demonstrating the ease and depth of integration to a wide range of 3rd party VMS/PSIM control systems – via an unparalleled range of integration plugins, including those for Milestone, Genetec and Genesys by ISM.

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