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Barox releases 10Gb DIN Rail Ethernet switch

by Geny Caloisi
Barox has released the RY-LPITE-442XGME industrial L2/L3 managed Ethernet switch. The new switch is a secure and powerful option for those looking to deploy IP surveillance camera networks. It offers up to 90W per port PoE++ and 10Gbit SFP ports.

In addition, the RY-LPITE-442XGME brings Layer 3 functionality and 10Gb performance to industrial edge locations, an area that requires high-performance solutions, driven by the ever-increasing demands of HD video surveillance networks.

The barox RY-LPITE-442XGME Ethernet switch is a reliable solution for CCTV in retail, highways, and transportation. It has 360W PoE power and an easy-to-use GUI for management.

Non-stop PoE

With its 8 x copper ports featuring PoE, PoE+ and PoE++, the RY-LPITE-442XGME provides active PoE monitoring of powered cameras, continually monitoring their status and in the event of a camera failure, the switch will automatically attempt a camera re-boot. At the same time, the switch can be configured to send an SNMP message as a real-time alert.

Ensuring cameras stay operational when a re-boot task needs to be performed i.e., when changing network cameras or updating firmware, the RY-LPITE-442XGME’s ‘non-stop PoE’ function can be set to supply all ports with ‘always on’ power. This clever functionality allows all connected cameras to stay powered, meaning no vital camera video footage is lost during routine engineering procedures – an important feature for high-security applications. In addition, preventing the PoE power supply from being overloaded, when the switch is powered-up, the individual PoE ports can be set to start-up with a time delay.

Other safety features include HTTPS/TLS certified authentication for secure and privacy management access, user management levels, an automatic and manual MAC address management, a dynamically and statically managed ARP-protection, IP source guard, and ACL access control list, which allows the switch to protect itself and other traffic in the network.

Integrated Device Management System GUI

Providing powerful support to help manage security, networks and connected devices, the RY-LPITE-442XGME features barox’s Device Management System, which displays a live graphical overview of the entire network topology.

The DMS Configuration & Monitoring menu displays the status of IP-cameras, switches, and servers, allowing users to monitor and control their devices. It also includes a Port monitoring tool for diagnostics and identification of network or device issues.

“barox’s expertise in the video and data transmission sector has developed a real game changer switch, delivering Layer 3, including OSPFv2/v3 routing protocols and 10Gb capability to the industrial access world, and providing customers with cutting-edge Ethernet and PoE transmission technology,” says Rudolf Rohr, barox Co-founder & Managing partner. “The new RY-LPITE-442XGME provides robust security and PoE performance, delivering fast and reliable video in a very powerful yet compact device. In short, the new barox RY-LPITE-442XGME employs innovations that guarantee greater customer security, and for the installer, easy set-up, configuration and handy network device management.”

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