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Bristol’s The Mall chooses barox

by Geny Caloisi

Bristol’s shopping centre The Mall, located on the historic Cribbs Causeway road – just off Junction 17 of the M5, comprises 130 stores across two levels and is designed to provide shoppers with a complete retail experience. Outside, the complex includes free parking for 7,000 vehicles, protected by a network of CCTV cameras that provide shoppers with visual security and safety while shopping and dining.

barox is to provide secure video management and 90W PoE at the flagship retail space.

With a brief to upgrade an existing piecemeal CCTV system, RAW Fire and Security took over the maintenance and modernisation of the camera network at the site’s car parks. Kevin Oakley of RAW Fire and Security explains the task: “After inheriting a network of cameras, we were asked to begin a program to update the existing analogue infrastructure to IP cameras, to take advantage of the latest developments in CCTV technology, along with adding IR and white LED lighting. As we wanted to provide The Mall’s security team with the very best surveillance performance, we specified and installed Redvision’s industry-leading X4 COMMANDER rugged ball PTZ camera, including onboard illumination.”

Replacing analogue cameras on each of the car park’s poles, the Redvision cameras were required to be connected at the base of each pole for video and data transmission back to the onsite control room, utilising the site’s integrated fibre cable network. During the first upgrade phase, these were accompanied with a bespoke-made bracket containing a fibre optic converter, a power supply for the camera and lights, and another splitter power supply. “This was a feasible solution at the time but we were struggling to package the disparate technology all together satisfactorily in the confines of the base of each pole,” says Kevin. “Looking to source a better long-term solution, we came across Switches made for Video manufacturer barox, who supply the only capable switch to be approved for use to provide PoE Mode B power to Redvision cameras.”

Deploying the Redvison-approved barox LT-LPITE-402GBTME 4-port 90W 802.3bt industrial compact switch at the base of each pole, RAW Fire and Security engineers were able to install a bespoke and supremely capable solution that provides the X4 COMMANDER™ and its ancillaries with uninterrupted, switchable power – negating the need for multiple fused power supplies and further reducing the space required in each pole.

The first and only switch to be approved with the ability to provide PoE Mode B power to Redvision camera technology, The Mall security team now benefit from ultra-reliable power delivery. In addition, as barox technology is specifically designed to cope with the high demands of video security networks and includes sophisticated built-in cyber security with strong network hygiene, The Mall management can be assured that their upgraded security surveillance IP Network is being protected by the barox LT-LPITE-402GBTME industrial switch.

In operation at The Mall, the Redvision X4 COMMANDER™ cameras are designed for tough, outdoor surveillance applications, perfect for the challenges of everyday use within the retail site’s car parks. Powered by barox technology, each X4 COMMANDER™ on-site uses infrared and white light illumination. “The advantage of the barox LT-LPITE-402GBTME 4-port 90W 802.3bt industrial switch has been its ease of installation, performance, size and 4-port capacity,” says Carl Best, Security Manager at The Mall. “Alongside each Redvision camera, on some poles, we also have a static bullet camera that permanently observes key sensitive areas, such as the staff walkway and the children’s play area. The 4-port capacity of the barox LT-LPITE-402GBTME ensures that we have future-proofed spare capacity with which to install other cameras, too if we should ever need to expand our camera surveillance coverage and all without the need to install additional video transmission or power infrastructure in the poles to facilitate those expansions requirements.

“So successful has the barox/Redvision solution been, that we are looking to expand its use across the site, rolling out this proven solution across many more camera locations on our journey to a completely IP CCTV-based system.”

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