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i-Pro’s new small but mighty PTZ outdoor camera

by Geny Caloisi

i-Pro has launched what it claims is the smallest and lightest outdoor multi-directional PTZ camera. The WV-X86531-Z2 features powerful edge AI capabilities, advanced cybersecurity, and vandal resistance for the widest possible deployment options.

Nothing beats a multi-sensor camera for high-quality, efficient coverage of wide areas. When integrated with a powerful PTZ camera, security operators have the best of both worlds. Traditional multi-sensor + PTZ cameras tend to be heavy and bulky, which has relegated their deployments to the exterior, elevated mounting positions. 

The new outdoor-rated and vandal-proof WV-X86531-Z2 camera is nearly half the weight of competing multi-directional PTZ cameras. At only 3.8 kg and 250 x 195 mm, it is the most discreet camera of its type currently available. By deploying a smaller camera, operators benefit from lower mount heights and improved viewing angles for better AI performance.

We believe we’ve created the smallest, lightest, outdoor and vandal-proof multi-directional + PTZ option on the market,” says Gerald Figols, President, i-PRO EMEA. “i-PRO is an industry leader when it comes to cyber-secure edge-AI cameras, the fact that this camera is the only multi-directional + PTZ on the market available with six edge AI applications makes it the best camera of its type we’ve ever seen.”

The camera supports up to four 5MP multi-sensors and the 2MP PTZ sensor. Each multi-sensor has a 3.2mm focal length and a 97° field of view supporting up to 360° of panoramic coverage. The in-built auto-tracking PTZ camera features a 21x optical zoom and 4.0 to 84.6mm focal length. The camera is completely integrated so there’s no need for double assembly, and no calibration is required between the multi-sensor cameras and PTZ camera to set the angle of view.

Featuring AI-enabled analytics and accessories with a discreet, low-profile interior design that ensures privacy and security, the product is FIPS 140-2 level 3 compliant, allowing for discreet interior use.

The company is expanding its Multi-Sensor Line-up with the new Multi-Directional + PTZ Cameras, available in black or white and with either three or four sensors.

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