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i-PRO’s ‘Brunch & Learn’ Event at Silverstone: Introduction into AI-Powered Security

by Geny Caloisi

On May 14th, the iconic Silverstone F1 circuit hosted i-PRO’s ‘Brunch & Learn’ event, presenting the company’s latest technology and insightful exploration into AI-powered security. The event attracted a diverse group of installers, technology partners, and distributors, including those already collaborating with i-PRO and others keen to learn more about their innovative products. The theme, “The Rise of AI in Security”, set the stage for a morning filled with in-depth discussions about the value of the latest technological advancements across its hardware and software.

The day’s agenda centred around i-PRO’s X-Series, AI-enhanced surveillance cameras, positioning them as a front-runner in ethical AI implementation within the security industry. Participants were treated to detailed sessions on the challenges and opportunities AI technology presents and how best to face up to them. i-PRO’s commitment to responsible AI was a key focus – a message that resonated strongly with the attendees who were aware of the ethical considerations surrounding the application of AI in CCTV and video analytics.

A highlight of the event was the grand unveiling of i-PRO’s latest innovation – the X-Series surveillance cameras and Active Guard video analytics software. These AI-powered smart devices are designed to revolutionise the security landscape by offering the unique capability to transform any traditional IP camera into an AI one, leveraging the edge AI functionality of the X-series through its relay app.

This feature alone was a significant talking point, allowing the X-Series to expand AI capabilities up to four other non-AI cameras. This fundamentally reduces the total cost of ownership and saves clients the hassle, time and expense of replacing any legacy cameras. Simultaneously, modernising and upgrading security ecosystem without a huge upfront investment. Attendees were particularly impressed by the flexibility of the X-Series, which can work with any IP camera, not just those manufactured by i-PRO.

The presentations delved into the X-Series’ technical prowess, emphasising its ability to leverage metadata on the edge for enhanced efficiency. Such capability unlocks new possibilities for data-driven decision-making and insights. It is a crucial aspect of any modern security operations team. The discussion on metadata and on-site learning capabilities sparked significant interest, as these features equip security installers with powerful tools to better address customer requirements, regardless of the size of the infrastructure or project.

The event was not just a showcase of technology but also a platform to elicit questions from the security community and open a dialogue on the implications of AI in industry. i-PRO’s dedication to maintaining high ethical standards while pushing the boundaries of AI innovation was evident throughout the sessions.

For those closer to London, i-PRO has organised a similar event in Ascot on May 22nd, ensuring that more professionals can engage with the latest advancements in AI-powered security. Register here.

Overall, i-PRO’s ‘Brunch & Learn’ event at Silverstone was a success, offering valuable insights into the future of AI in security – one we can embrace together.

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