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iPro’s Active Guard redefines standards

by Geny Caloisi

i-PRO Active Guard, a software analytic engine developed by i-Pro that managed the data from edge AI cameras, has had an upgrade resulting in enhanced attribute search capabilities, expanded detection attributions, seamless integration with edge analytics, and user-friendly dashboards. With i-PRO Active Guard, surveillance operations become more efficient, accurate, and usable.

One of the standout features of i-PRO Active Guard is its refined attribute search functionality. Building upon traditional search capabilities, the latest iteration of the application boasts enhanced precision and speed in identifying individuals, vehicles, and license plates based on specific attribute information. This enhancement ensures unparalleled accuracy, enabling users to swiftly pinpoint relevant imagery amidst vast amounts of data.

Leveraging on deep learning technology, the application can detect an extensive range of attributes related to both people and vehicles. This advancement not only enhances the accuracy of detection but also broadens the scope of potential use cases, from security enforcement to traffic management and beyond.

Harnessing the processing capabilities of i-PRO AI network cameras, the application conducts detection and attribute analysis locally, eliminating the need for costly infrastructure.

In terms of event monitoring, i-PRO Active Guard provides robust watch list alerts, capable of detecting individuals or vehicles flagged in facial watch lists, people attribute watch lists, vehicle attribute watch lists, or license plate groups. Furthermore, the application is equipped to detect and classify events, issuing real-time alerts based on predefined criteria, thus enabling proactive threat management.

The user-friendly dashboard of i-PRO Active Guard offers a comprehensive overview of surveillance operations, providing insights into age, gender, and attribute detection for faces, as well as vehicle attributes and counting metrics. This intuitive interface empowers users to make informed decisions and take swift actions when necessary.

Supported by i-PRO cameras equipped with AI engines, such as the X series or New S series, i-PRO Active Guard sets a new standard for intelligent surveillance. For users with other camera models, the AI Processing Relay app extends compatibility, ensuring accessibility across a wide range of devices.

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