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Serverless Surveillance Solution: Exploring Edge AI Features in i-PRO X-Series Cameras

by Geny Caloisi
The i-PRO X-Series, launched at the start of 2024, transcends the boundaries of conventional network cameras, enabling legacy, non-AI cameras to gain the capabilities of AI virtually. The heart of this innovation is the CV52 Chipset, embedded within these cutting-edge cameras, providing AI on the edge.

We spoke to Philippe Henaine, Strategic Partnership Manager at i-PRO, to learn more about the X-Series. He explains the significance of this advancement, stating, “Between 2010 and 2020, cameras progressed from VGA to 4K resolution. However, from 2020 to 2024, the evolution hinges on the chipset, which has witnessed a remarkable surge in power and capability. The increased processing power allows the camera to do more for the operator. It can now process the vast volumes of data sourced on the edge and use multiple AI applications simultaneously.”

Henaine adds, “These cameras come with AI Smart Box feature, which can execute nine distinct AI applications leveraging the Ambarella SoC, thereby facilitating edge-AI analytics and on-site learning. On-site learning is one of these nine apps available. If only one application is required in a camera, the AI capabilities can be shared with older camera models, making them virtually AI-enabled. Each X-Series camera can accommodate up to three additional cameras, amplifying the scope of surveillance coverage. Being able to use existing cameras makes the upgrade greener’. Extending the lifespan of your existing CCTV ecosystem.”

Integrating the AI Smart Box within X-Series cameras effectively allows the upgrade of non-AI cameras with advanced intelligence.

The pivotal aspect of AI deployment at the edge is its capacity enhancement. By processing data locally, the X-Series cameras reduce reliance on centralised servers, making the surveillance system more efficient and scalable. This is where we can ensure a higher image quality without running the stream via a server. This is a server-less approach to deploying AI onto your CCTV camera systems.

Less is more

When it comes to on-site learning, less is more for the X-Series. Henaine notes, “Before, you needed over 200,000 images to teach an AI algorithm with a new object; now, using on-site learning capability within the X-Series system integrator would require as few as 200 images to perform the same task. Therefore, AI-powered on-site learning empowers users to engage in the training and customisation of the cameras more proactively. This entails classifying attributes such as human or non-human entities, enabling the cameras to discern relevant information autonomously.

“Operators require fewer than 200 images to train the cameras to recognise up to five distinct objects, which can subsequently be white-listed or flagged for alarm. Whether taking live footage or extracting screenshots from recorded videos, the X-Series adapts seamlessly to dynamic surveillance scenarios.”

Cyber-secure AI

The X-Series boasts FIPS 140-2 level 3 certification, ensuring data integrity and safeguarding against cyber threats. X-series is future-proofing your security posture with FIPS and NDAA compliance, minimising the vulnerabilities of external entries. It also comes with an Active Guard plug-in and native software that truly drives visual intelligence on the edge with out-of-the-box AI capabilities to help the operator fully embrace and ease into the next-gen version of the surveillance system.

Easy to setup

The i-PRO configuration tool facilitates the seamless configuration and deployment of X-Series cameras, streamlining the setup process and enhancing operational efficiency. This user-friendly interface empowers administrators to tailor camera settings to specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and functionality.

Thanks to Active Guard, all those AI capabilities, including smart boxes and on-site learning, are by default compatible with the leading VMS platforms on the market.

In a nutshell

Henning concludes, “These cameras elevate surveillance capabilities and embody sustainability and versatility. By obviating removing the need for high-cost servers and extending the longevity of older cameras, we pave the way for a more efficient and eco-conscious surveillance ecosystem. With customisable features, robust cybersecurity protocols, and on-site learning, the X-Series defines innovation in surveillance technology.”

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