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Harnessing Technology to Prevent Fires in the Recycling Industry

by Geny Caloisi
In recent years, the recycling industry has been increasingly recognised for its crucial role in environmental sustainability. However, amidst the commendable efforts to recycle waste materials, there lies a hidden danger – the risk of fires. The confluence of various combustible materials within recycling facilities poses a significant threat, necessitating innovative solutions to mitigate this risk.

France, known for its robust recycling infrastructure, also grapples with the highest reported incidents of fires within the industry. This alarming trend prompted one of the leading recyclers in the country to seek a proactive approach towards fire prevention. Collaborating with MyLinks, a specialised fire detection solutions integrator, they recoimmended Hikvision’s thermal cameras technology to safeguard their operations.

Fires in recycling facilities not only pose immediate safety hazards but also entail severe environmental and financial repercussions. To comply with regulatory standards set by organisations like DREAL, recyclers are mandated to equip their sites with fire prevention measures. However, the challenge lies in early detection and swift response to potential fire hazards, while also accommodating the operational constraints inherent to recycling facilities.

Integrating Technology for Fire Prevention

MyLinks implemented a comprehensive fire prevention system leveraging advanced Hikvision cameras tailored to the unique needs of recycling sites. A combination of Bi-spectrum Dome cameras, Thermography Turret cameras, and Thermography Cube cameras was strategically deployed across the facility.

The centerpiece of the system is the thermography dome camera, capable of detecting temperature changes indicative of fire initiation. Integrated with water cannons positioned strategically around the site, the system triggers immediate response actions upon detecting elevated temperatures. Moreover, regular system tests ensure operational integrity, with any anomalies promptly flagged for corrective action.

A Multifaceted Approach to Fire Prevention

The deployment extends beyond detection to encompass monitoring of critical areas such as storage zones for various materials and conveyor belts. Handheld thermography cameras enable on-the-spot inspections by site personnel, enhancing proactive surveillance.

In the event of a potential fire, the system initiates a cascade of alerts, from onsite alarms to notifications dispatched to remote monitoring centers. This layered approach ensures rapid response and coordination, minimising the risk of extensive damage.

Albert Sintes, Chief Technical Officer and Associate of MyLinks, underscores the pivotal role of technology in mitigating fire risks. “The superior performance and seamless integration of Hikvision cameras have not only enhanced operational efficiency but also bolstered safety standards within the recycling industry,” he pointed out.

Since the installation of the Hikvision cameras, the recycling site has witnessed a significant reduction in fire incidents, particularly during the summer months. The real-time insights provided by the system empower stakeholders to understand the root causes of fires, enabling targeted preventive measures.


The adoption of advanced technology in fire prevention heralds a new era of safety within the recycling industry. By proactively addressing fire hazards, recyclers can safeguard both their operations and the surrounding environment. As the industry continues to evolve, innovative solutions like those pioneered by MyLinks and Hikvision serve as exemplars of proactive risk management, ensuring a sustainable and secure future for recycling initiatives worldwide.

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