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Unlocking Intercom, Alarm and Thermal Mastery with Hikvision Shield Training

by Geny Caloisi
Hikvision understands the need to offer clients holistic security, and this is why it has introduced the Shield Training program – a comprehensive course designed to equip professionals with the expertise to navigate and harness the power of advanced security systems. The course focuses on the latest security trends and equips professionals with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions about Intercom, Alarm and Thermal solutions. It also provides hands-on practice with Hikvision’s latest lines of equipment.

Course Overview

The Shield Training course Hikvision is divided into two sessions, each focusing on different aspects of Hikvision’s offerings. It encompasses essential modules such as 2 Wire HD intercom setup, AX Pro intruder alarm systems, and HeatPro thermal cameras.

Session One: Mastering Video Intercom (08:00–09:45)

The first session of the Shield Training zeroes in on the setup and functionality of a 2-wire HD video intercom system. Participants immerse themselves in understanding the nuances of this system, learning how to install and optimise its features seamlessly. From the fundamentals of installation to the finer points of configuring its capabilities, this session ensures a comprehensive grasp of video intercom technology.

In an era where seamless communication is integral to security, mastering video intercom systems is crucial. Setting up and operating these systems efficiently is invaluable for residential complexes, commercial spaces, or institutional premises.

Session Two: AX Pro & HeatPro (10:15–12:00)

The latter half of the Shield Training delves into two powerful components of Hikvision’s arsenal – the AX Pro intruder alarm system and the HeatPro thermal cameras. This session illuminates the functionalities and applications of these cutting-edge systems, catering to diverse security needs across various environments.

The AX Pro intruder alarm system, ideal for homes, offices, shops, and more, is explored in-depth during this session. Participants gain insights into its installation, configuration, and utilisation, empowering them to optimise security measures tailored to specific spaces.

Furthermore, the session focuses on the usage and advantages of Hikvision’s HeatPro thermal cameras. These cameras are pivotal in identifying potential threats, especially in scenarios where conventional cameras might fall short, such as low-light conditions or adverse weather.

Availability and Opportunities

Shield Training courses are available across the UK up to the festive season.

The certification received upon completing the Shield Training program is a testament to their proficiency and knowledge in utilising Hikvision’s solutions.

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