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Unveiling the Power of Detail with Hikvision

by Geny Caloisi

It is fundamentally important to discern the smallest details in security monitoring due to their importance in achieving broader objectives. This sentiment holds true in the context of surveillance systems, where capturing intricate details can be pivotal in achieving security objectives. Hikvision has recently introduced an enhanced version of its DeepinView Fisheye camera, promising improved performance and unrivalled clarity.

Central to the DeepinView Fisheye camera’s appeal is its remarkable clarity, achieved through a combination of high-resolution imaging and an innovative pixel ratio. While conventional fisheye cameras typically exhibit a pixel ratio of 4:3, resulting in underutilisation of pixel capacity and image distortion. In these cameras, a ‘12MP’ resolution – for example, 4000 x 3000 pixels – only actually uses 3000 x 3000 pixels. In this case, there would only be 9 MP as an ‘effective pixel’ count.

Hikvision shifts this paradigm with a 1:1 pixel ratio. This breakthrough translates to a 36% increase in effective pixels, ensuring unparalleled image clarity and usability.

“When it comes to details, the more pixels you can have on your side, the better”, says Nick Wu, Project IP Product Marketing Director at Hikvision Europe. “We wanted to make sure that every pixel counted, so we developed a ratio of 1:1 for a true 12MP resolution.”

The significance of this enhanced clarity extends across various stages of security monitoring, from detection to identification. With an image detail ranging from 33 to 197 pixels per meter, the camera provides comprehensive coverage and precise identification capabilities, eliminating blind spots and enhancing situational awareness. Whether deployed in railway stations to mitigate risks or in retail environments to optimise operations, the DeepinView Fisheye camera is a practical solution that sets a new standard for surveillance excellence.

Compliance and Compatibility

The DeepinView Fisheye camera has been designed to meet stringent European standards for electromagnetic interference in diverse environments. The camera ensures seamless integration within critical infrastructure while upholding safety and reliability.

Furthermore, the camera’s compatibility with AI technology enables many smart features, extending its applicability beyond traditional security use cases. From heat mapping to queue management, these intelligent functionalities empower users to extract actionable insights and optimise operational efficiency across diverse environments. With support for third-party applications and flexible installation options, the DeepinView Fisheye camera is designed for adaptability and future-proofing, catering to evolving security needs and technological advancements.

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