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Hikvision Unveils Core Products Quick Guide to Lead AIoT Security Solutions

by Geny Caloisi

The Core Products Quick Guide highlights Hikvision’s transition from traditional visual surveillance to multidimensional perception systems, integrating advanced AI analytics across its product range. This shift aims to elevate security intelligence by incorporating technologies such as audio and video linkage and multi-lens synergy. These advancements position Hikvision as a leader in setting new standards for security solutions.

Hikvision’s holistic approach transforms standalone products into integrated systems, offering comprehensive solutions via the Hik-Partner Pro and Hik-Connect platforms. These platforms streamline remote management and maintenance for small to medium-scale applications, making efficient security services accessible to residences, offices, and retail environments.

Some of the features detailed in the guide include are:

ColorVu Technology: Featuring an F1.0 super aperture and advanced sensor technology, ColorVu ensures excellent color imaging in ultra-low light conditions. The innovative “ColorVu + X” combines ColorVu with other advanced technologies, expanding its potential applications.

Solar-powered Security Cameras: These cameras offer simple deployment and reliable performance, ideal for locations without easy access to traditional power sources.

Smart Hybrid Light: This technology provides three supplemental lighting modes—IR, White Light, or Smart mode. Smart Hybrid Light distinguishes between people and vehicles, ensuring critical details are captured in color during events.

AcuSense Technology: Utilising deep-learning algorithms, AcuSense enhances perimeter protection by accurately detecting human and vehicle movement. It includes Motion Detection 2.0 and video content analysis (VCA) for proactive warnings and AcuSearch for quick post-event target retrieval.

Panoramic Cameras: These cameras, equipped with dual lenses and an image fusion algorithm, provide a seamless 180-degree horizontal field of view, ensuring comprehensive coverage with fewer devices.

Cloud-based Management: The Hik-Partner Pro (HPP) app simplifies cloud management, unifying networking and security oversight, and facilitating remote troubleshooting for smart managed switches.

Hikvision’s Core Products Quick Guide serves as a vital resource for understanding the full scope of the company’s innovative security solutions. By integrating advanced AI and IoT technologies, Hikvision is not only enhancing security but also driving the future of intelligent security systems.

Download the guide HERE

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