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Hikvision Unveils Privacy Redaction Solution 2.0

by Geny Caloisi

Hikvision has launched its second-generation Privacy Redaction Solution. This innovative system seamlessly integrates artificial intelligence (AI) and graphic processing technologies to safeguard individuals’ privacy in both live and recorded video streams.

Hikvision’s Privacy Redaction Solution 2.0 aligns perfectly with the GDPR’s data protection principles, ensuring that personal information is handled with utmost care and adherence to strict rules.

Video Surveillance and Privacy

Video information often contains the personal data of both individuals and third parties; security companies face the critical task of preserving privacy. Hikvision’s Privacy Redaction Solution 2.0 is a powerful tool for security professionals, allowing them to redact sensitive information seamlessly. Whether in live video streams or recorded footage, the solution provides a comprehensive and efficient means to protect individuals’ privacy without compromising the integrity of the surveillance process.

Two-fold Redaction Solutions with DeepInMind NVR

One of the standout features of Hikvision’s Privacy Redaction Solution 2.0 is its compatibility with the DeepInMind NVR, offering two distinct solutions for privacy redaction. The first option allows for redaction using the NVR alone, providing a local output that meets the immediate needs of surveillance applications. The second option involves a more integrated approach, combining the power of the NVR with HikCentral for a seamless and comprehensive privacy redaction experience.

The most significant and widely recognised feature of this solution is the ability to upload recorded video footage for manual and auto redaction, covering moving or selectable targets with mask areas. Operators using the integrated approach—NVR working with HikCentral—can upload video footage for redaction an unlimited number of times as desired. This on-premises redaction solution provides users with better security and full control over personal privacy data.

The DeepInMind NVR is the backbone of these solutions, leveraging advanced technologies to enable precise and effective redaction. Whether using the local output solution or the integrated NVR and HikCentral option, Hikvision empowers security professionals with the tools they need to navigate the complex landscape of privacy protection in video surveillance.

Hikvision’s Privacy Redaction Solution 2.0 represents a significant stride towards ensuring the responsible use of surveillance technologies in compliance with global privacy standards.

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