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System Q returns to The Security Event 2024 in Birmingham

by Geny Caloisi
After a few years of absence, System Q laid out a remarkable showcase of advanced security solutions at the Security Event 2024, held at the NEC Birmingham. Renowned for innovative problem-solving products, System Q is committed to making security technology accessible and efficient for installers and users.

CCTV Solutions

System Q’s stand featured an extensive array of CCTV products designed to simplify installation and enhance monitoring capabilities. The highlights were the IP Mules, VideoMitters, and the HD Digital Modulator.

IP Mules: These devices facilitate the transmission of IP signals over existing coaxial cables up to 2 kilometres, eliminating the need for extensive rewiring.

VideoMitters: Ideal for scenarios where cabling is impractical, these transmitters can send video signals wirelessly over distances ranging from 200 meters to 1 kilometre.

HD Digital Modulator: This product allows users to integrate CCTV feeds seamlessly into their television systems, providing easy and convenient access to surveillance footage.

These solutions address common challenges in CCTV installation, offering practical alternatives to complex wiring setups and enhancing the overall user experience.

Advanced ANPR and AI Integration

System Q’s commitment to proactive security was evident in its advanced Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) solutions and AI-driven security features. The standalone ANPR cameras and the Forecaught software—developed in-house by System Q and integrated with the DVLA database – gained significant attention for their ability to prevent forecourt crimes such as fuel theft. This proactive approach to security reassures users of System Q’s commitment to their safety.

The RoboPLATE ANPR cameras demonstrated their versatility by using vehicle registration numbers to control access, trigger alarms, and send alerts. This technology is beneficial for managing access in private and public parking facilities.

In the realm of AI, System Q’s iSENSE products, including Zip cameras and recorders, showcased a comprehensive suite of features such as face recognition, vehicle recognition, and integration with Google and Alexa. The AI capabilities extend to sound detection, video tampering alerts, heat mapping, crowd density analysis, Cloud Storage and Live YouTube Streaming to name but a few, all designed to enhance security and operational efficiency.

From advanced CCTV technologies to proactive ANPR systems and AI integrations, System Q continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the security industry. Its focus on ease of use, comprehensive training, and customer support ensures that installers and end-users can benefit from the latest advancements in security technology.

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