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System Q showcases tailored security solutions at TSE

by Geny Caloisi

System Q, a security distributor, technology manufacturer, and software house, is set to participate in The Security Event (TSE) in Birmingham’s NEC (April 30th – May 2nd). The company will present its innovative range of security solutions designed to address real-world problems faced by installers in the industry.

Unlike traditional distributors, System Q takes pride in being more than just a distributor. Focusing on developing cutting-edge technology, the company writes software and firmware, and manufactures some of its own products. This unique capability enables System Q to provide tailored solutions to installers, solving the challenges they encounter in their projects.

“We are not just a distributor; we are a solutions provider,” said Lisa Green, Head of Sales at System Q. “Our ability to develop new products in the UK that address specific installer needs sets us apart in the industry.”

System Q’s commitment to innovation is evident in its decision not to stock big-name CCTV brands. Instead, the company develops its products and brands tailored to the UK market. This approach allows System Q to be more responsive to customer demands and create solutions that address unique challenges, such as retail loss prevention software and ANPR solutions like ForeCaught, which prevents fuel theft at forecourts.

“We compete on value, not price,” Mike Isherwood, Managing Director explained. “While other distributors may focus on price battles, we prioritise offering high-quality products and services that add value to our customers’ businesses.”

One of System Q’s most successful products is The Mule, an IP over Coaxial system will take centre stage at TSE. The Mule allows you to piggyback on the infrastructure, avoiding replacing the whole system, which can be costly and inefficient. There is no need to remove coaxial cables; all that is needed is to use the Mules to connect Coaxial systems to IP.

“We are excited about the opportunities 2024 will bring,” Isherwood added. “By continuing to listen to our customers and develop innovative solutions, we are confident that we will have a successful year ahead. We have problem solvers, we talk about IP and CO-AX working together, and we have great giveaways and offers on the day, including a chance to win a sleek indoor RoomWatch camera.”

In 2024, System Q is poised for success with a range of new products and an enhanced online presence. The company has invested in a brand-new website and has streamlined its product offerings to serve its customers better. Please visit the website here.

System Q invites TSE attendees to Stand: 5/H150 to learn more about their latest products and solutions.

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