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A One-Day Training Event on Contemporary CCTV System Design and Installation

by Geny Caloisi
System Q has three dates for its one-day training event on CCTV system design and installation: the 10th of July, 24th of July and 7th of August, at its headquarters in Chesterfield. The in-depth course is taught by System Q’s expert, Electronic Security Engineer David Simpson, who has more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

This training is suitable for individuals at all skill levels, whether they are beginners seeking an introductory overview or experienced professionals looking to refresh their knowledge. With over two decades of successful course history, the training is recognised for its value and cost-effectiveness by industry professionals.

Promising a comprehensive exploration of contemporary practices and technologies in the field, participants will delve into various aspects of CCTV systems, from basic design principles to advanced features like ANPR, face detection, and integration with Google and Alexa. This training is tailored to provide practical advice and insights from industry insiders, ensuring attendees walk away with valuable knowledge and skills.

Key Learning Objectives

1. Designing IP CCTV Systems:
Participants will learn how to design effective IP CCTV systems, focusing on the selection of appropriate components and overall system architecture.

2. Setting Up Recorders & IP Cameras:
Hands-on guidance on the installation and configuration of recorders and IP cameras will be provided, ensuring participants can set up these essential components efficiently.

3. Understanding LAN Networks:
A thorough understanding of LAN networks is crucial for CCTV systems. The course will cover the fundamentals of network configuration and management.

4. Port Forwarding:
Instruction on port forwarding will enable participants to ensure their CCTV systems are accessible and functional from remote locations.

5. Setting Up Software & Phone Apps:
Participants will learn to configure software and mobile applications, facilitating remote monitoring and control of CCTV systems.

6. Choosing PoE or Non-PoE:
The course will discuss the pros and cons of Power over Ethernet (PoE) versus non-PoE setups, aiding participants in making informed decisions based on their specific needs.

7. Face Detection & Recognition:
Attendees will explore the latest advancements in face detection and recognition technology, learning how to implement these features effectively.

8. Capturing Vehicles & Number Plates:
Techniques for capturing clear images of vehicles and number plates will be covered, which is vital for surveillance in various environments.

9. Fault Finding Techniques:
The course will offer strategies for identifying and troubleshooting common issues in CCTV systems.

10. Trade Secrets & Short Cuts:
Insider tips and shortcuts will be shared, helping participants streamline their installation processes and enhance overall efficiency.

Course Structure

The event, held at Turnoaks Business Park, McGregor’s Way, Hasland, Chesterfield, S40 2WB,  runs from 8:45 am to 4:30 pm, including a half-hour lunch break.

The fee for the course is £99 and participants will receive redeemable vouchers, of up to 20% on the day of training, offering immediate value by offsetting the course cost.

Besides the hands-on training, building systems from scratch, attendees will also get a manual with the course notes. In addition participants will learn how to use the iSENSE AI features.

The course is limited to 10 participants per session to ensure personalised guidance and ample instruction time. Catering with food and refreshments will be provided for attendees’ convenience.

Corporate training options are also available for groups; interested parties are encouraged to contact the organisers for more information.

By the end of the training, attendees will not only expedite their installation process but also gain the confidence to explore new business opportunities in the CCTV industry.
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