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IDIS 2MP Video Intercom Ensures Secure Access and Visitor Management

by Geny Caloisi

IDIS, a global video tech leader, has been shortlisted as a finalist for the Benchmark Innovation Awards 2024 in the Visitors Management category. This recognition highlights the company’s groundbreaking 2MP video intercom, the DC-I6212WRX, which has set a new bar in the industry with its robust design and advanced features.

The DC-I6212WRX stands out as a pioneering product, boldly claimed by IDIS as “the first NEMA 4X, IK10, and IP66 rated product of its kind offered by any video surveillance vendor.” These ratings confirm the intercom’s superior durability and resistance to extreme weather conditions and environmental pollutants.

The latest IDIS video intercom is an excellent choice for keeping the premises’ entrances safe and secure and provides an impressive yet affordable visitor management solution. Replacing dated reception operations and clutter around entrances, it supports secure access with face-to-face interaction and superior audio and video quality.

Visitor management

First impressions count and the DC-I6212WRX eliminates the hassle of guests or suppliers waiting for busy managers or other staff to physically open doors by allowing remote access. The DC-I6212WRX allows for clear two-way audio and video communication remotely, enabling staff to have face-to-face conversations with visitors. For businesses, this facilitates efficient communication with customers and vendors, giving them the ability to allow entry and invite them into reception areas remotely to take a seat, ensuring that first physical interactions with clients is always professional and seamless.

Design and Durability

Encased in vandal-resistant and waterproof housing, the DC-I6212WRX is built to endure the harshest environments. It operates reliably in temperatures ranging from -30°C to +55°C and can withstand up to 90% humidity. Its rugged construction ensures longevity and resilience, offering unparalleled protection against vandalism and environmental degradation.

The 2MP fisheye camera captures clear footage with its wide-angle view. Simultaneous high-definition video and two-way audio transmission and recording provide forensic evidence in the event of intrusion, vandalism, or other crimes.

The DC-I6212WRX benefits from a plug-and-play installation and configuration and comes with an impressive menu of practical features suited to varied environments.

There are several options for seamless communication, including the free IDIS Center and IDIS Mobile Plus app, the enterprise-class IDIS Solution Suite VMS and front desk VoIP handsets. Functions include answering calls, checking video and audio, and denying or allowing access.

The DC-I6212WRX has practical intelligent alert features to enhance security including trigger events such as active tampering, motion detection, and trip zones enhance security monitoring. The robust built-in speaker is also designed to deter criminal activities, ensuring security remains uncompromised.

Audio and Visual Capabilities

The intercom features two-way VoIP (SIP) audio with echo cancelling and noise reduction, providing clear communication. It also boasts superior image quality with 2MP (1920×1080) resolution, a 180-degree fisheye view, a true 120dB Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), and an IR LED nighttime range of up to five meters. These capabilities ensure clear and detailed video capture, even in challenging lighting conditions.

The DC-I6212WRX is designed with user convenience in mind. Its push button placement is accessible to adults, children, and wheelchair users, ensuring ease of use for all. When integrated into an end-to-end IDIS video system, users benefit from the IDIS Mobile Plus app or client software, and IDIS Smart Failover, which protects against data loss during network disruptions.

Jamie Barnfield, Senior Director, IDIS Europe, emphasises the product’s reliability in extreme conditions. “Standard video intercom devices are vulnerable to increasingly harsh environmental conditions. IDIS’s first-of-a-kind video intercom tackles these problems head-on, reassuring users of long and reliable service life, regardless of extreme weather to effectively screen potential threats and prevent unauthorized entry and provides businesses of any size to ensure a smooth visitor experience, every time.”

Versatile Applications

The DC-I6212WRX is suitable for outdoor use and internal applications. As a standalone device or integrated into a larger network, it enhances existing surveillance systems and is easily scaled to provide enhanced safety and security in dispersed buildings across large sites and campuses.

IDIS’s 2MP video intercom, the DC-I6212WRX, exemplifies the company’s continuing commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable solutions with this latest secure entry device that ensures a low total cost of ownership for end users and new project and upgrade opportunities for systems integrators.

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