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SystemQ unveils versatile KitVault enclosures

by Geny Caloisi

In response to the escalating need for robust security solutions in today’s dynamic security environment, System Q introduced the KitVault enclosures DVR/NVR installations. This line of protective enclosures is designed to fortify surveillance systems across various industries.

The KitVault enclosures, available in four sizes – KitVault 100, 200, 300, and 400 – have a robust steel construction. These enclosures act as impenetrable fortresses, safeguarding critical surveillance assets from threats like vandalism and theft.

GDPR Compliance Data Protection

Recognising the paramount importance of data protection, the KitVault enclosures are fully GDPR compliant. This ensures that not only are your physical assets secure, but the sensitive data within them remains protected following the latest privacy regulations.

Retail, banking, offices, schools and many other industries can benefit from KitVault’s security design.

Uninterrupted Operations

Including cooling fan vents in each KitVault enclosure helps maintain optimal system performance. Overheating and system glitches are effectively mitigated, providing a reliable solution for continual operations. This feature extends the surveillance tools’ longevity and ensures the security infrastructure’s consistent functionality.

Simplified installation and service

The custom window panels on the KitVault enclosures allow users to have visibility and safely check equipment status without compromising the overall security of their surveillance systems. Efficient cable management further complements this, minimising tampering risks and maintaining an organised installation.

The KitVault features easy maintenance with removable components. This allows for swift access and servicing, minimising downtime in the event of unforeseen issues. The Wall-Mountable design adds an extra layer of flexibility, optimising space and allowing for easy expansion as security needs evolve.

System Q’s KitVault enclosures are more than just physical barriers; they represent a holistic approach to security infrastructure. With a range of sizes catering to diverse needs, GDPR compliance, and applicability across industries, the KitVault enclosures offer a comprehensive solution to elevate security measures in myriad business areas.

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