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Jose Riolobos: Pioneering a New Era in i-PRO’s EMEA Leadership

by Geny Caloisi

After just a couple of years pioneering the AI-fication of the security industry with Gerard Figols at the helm, i-PRO has announced the appointment of Jose Riolobos as President of i-PRO’s EMEA, marking a significant milestone in the company’s future.

We interviewed Riolobos at The Security Event 2024 to find out what it’s like to step into the shoes of  his predecessor Gerard Figols, and how would his wealth of experience and vision redefine the future of i-PRO EMEA and the physical security in the region.

Gerard Figols, a driving force behind i-PRO’s success, transitions into the role of Chief Product Officer (CPO) and Head of Product & Technology at i-PRO. Reflecting on his tenure leading i-PRO EMEA’s growth, Figols expresses excitement about the opportunity to propel the company further globally. “I’m very much looking forward to working closely with colleagues from i-PRO Japan, i-PRO Americas Inc., and i-PRO APAC to make i-PRO a GREAT company globally,” Figols remarks.

For Riolobos, the journey from his humble beginnings at Panasonic in 1999 to the helm of i-PRO’s EMEA division has been a testament to perseverance and dedication. Reminiscing about his formative years in Japan amidst the analogue era of security cameras, Riolobos reflects on the transformative power of technological innovation. “Those early days laid the foundation for my passion for security technology,” he remarks.

Riolobos expands “I entered this industry when I was 24 years old, fresh out of university, and was sent straight to Japan for a couple of years.  since then, I have worked at Panasonic, barring a brief hiatus from pursuing my MBA. I have done all sorts of roles in the company. My last role was on the European Corporate Planning team where I had the chance to lead few Merge & Acquisitions (M&A) for the B2B divisions of Panasonic. You grow and learn a lot in 24 years.”

Trust and the ability to select future leaders who can deliver success for the company and the team were paramount in i-PRO’s decision to appoint Riolobos. With a longstanding professional relationship and a proven track record of expertise and insight in the security industry, Riolobos and Figols had worked together for many years. In 2023, when Figols invited him to join i-PRO, Riolobos was drawn back to his roots in the security sector. Reflecting on the move, he said, “You never forget your first love, and security cameras are where I started.”

Moreover, Riolobos underscores the enduring nature of relationships within the security industry, citing encounters with familiar faces at industry events as a testament to its close-knit community.

Addressing the transition from Panasonic to i-PRO, Riolobos emphasises the companies’ strategic evolution and core businesses. “By becoming independent from Panasonic, i-PRO had to redefine its strategy, and it did so based on a clear Open Policy and betting on the AI technology on the edge. The security industry is ever-evolving, and companies must adapt to stay ahead of the curve,” he asserts, alluding to the dynamic nature of market trends and technological advancements.

Riolobos’ vision for i-PRO transcends conventional boundaries, encompassing a multifaceted approach focused on expansion, innovation, and responsible design and ownership. With a dedicated team of 60 professionals in EMEA, Riolobos places paramount importance on cultivating a cohesive company culture underpinned by Japanese engineering precision and the enduring trust associated with the Panasonic brand.

Riolobos’ vision for i-PRO’s EMEA division is rooted in a commitment to innovation, collaboration, and ethical stewardship. His strategy is integrating AI-powered technologies and advanced sensing capabilities, positioning i-PRO as a global leader in security cameras. Leveraging i-PRO cameras’ expansive footprint in EMEA, Riolobos envisions a seamless transition towards AI-enhanced systems, offering true value to customers across diverse vertical markets.

In charting the course forward, Riolobos remains steadfast in his commitment to ethical AI practices, underscoring the industry’s imperative for responsible innovation. “I want to offer relevant products to different vertical markets to help i-PRO become a global leader in AI and advanced sensing technologies,” he asserts, epitomising the company’s unwavering dedication to driving positive change in physical security.

As Jose Riolobos assumes leadership at i-PRO’s EMEA division, the stage is set for a new chapter of innovation, collaboration, and growth. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and a visionary approach to industry challenges, Riolobos stands poised to steer i-PRO toward new heights of success, shaping the future of security technology.

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