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360 Vision Technology highlights the importance of partnerships and intelligent integration

by Geny Caloisi
360 Vision Technology will participate in a technology partners’ collaboration at The Security Event (TSE) from April 30 to May 2, 2024, at NEC Birmingham.

At stand 5/P75 & 5/P80, 360 Vision will join a selection of technology partners displaying a ‘not to be missed’ immersive and interactive live demonstration. The innovative presentation will focus on how selecting best in class hardware and software components for an enterprise electronic security system solution can deliver outstanding results. It will also highlight the variety of features and benefits simply not available when selecting a proprietary end-to-end solution – promoting the collaborative ‘Power of Partnerships’ to enable ‘Intelligent Integration’ for security solutions across all sectors and industries.

Alongside technology partners Secure Logiq, VCA Technology, Milestone Systems, IntelexVision, and Lenel, 360 Vision will be showing how their market leading range of ruggedised surveillance cameras can be employed at the edge of system design and seamlessly connected to a Milestone Video Management System (VMS). In this fully integrated system, VCA Technology will be highlighting real-time video analytics, while IntelexVision will be demonstrating event analysis via their iSentry software. Additionally, Lenel will be showing the latest access control technology on the stand, whilst the whole system will be backed by specialist server technology from Secure Logiq – all working seamlessly together, live, in a real-world setting.

To showcase each technology and to explain their advantages, visitors to the stand will see a unique model city, displaying an immersive and interactive live demonstration of how these leading manufacturer partners integrate their technology. The benefits of the combined technologies will be demonstrated and will feature a variety of simulated environments, including famous landmarks and familiar public spaces.

The model city display will show how protecting people, places & assets and ensuring safety across all verticals, from critical national infrastructure and public spaces, to transport, finance, retail and data centres, can be made more effective and simplified using the ‘Power of Partnerships – Intelligent Integration’ approach.

“We’re very excited to be exhibiting at this year’s TSE,” says Tony Holloway, Solutions Specialist at 360 Vision Technology. “Our participation on the stand will show how manufacturing and technology partnerships can be brought together to create powerful integrated solutions for any security application. We can’t wait for visitors to see the fabulous model city that’s been created, devised to display the many different aspects of everyday life that require a variety of combined security solutions to manage them effectively.”

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