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Tree planting scheme from 360 Vision

by Geny Caloisi

Climate change has been a hot topic so far this month, particularly with Glasgow’s COP26 bringing together leaders from around the world to discuss how the international community can unite to scale-up action and control the damage that our society is doing inflicting on the planet.

It’s good to see the initiative to plant trees from 360 Vision Technology, a UK manufacturer of rugged HD, radar and thermal PTZ imaging cameras. Committing to a greener future, the company announced its support of UK-wide tree planting schemes, which will see trees being planted for every camera sold into the public sector.

Specifically, for every Invictus camera sold, not one but three trees will be planted, and five new trees will be planted for every Predator camera sold. 

The tree planting scheme is available for all camera orders taken for local authority and public sector surveillance systems. The new project will see 360 Vision supporting improved environments across the UK, joining the London tree-planting scheme, and other similar town and city schemes. 

This initiative further underlines the company’s green reputation after developing the ultra-low power consumption, low carbon footprint Predator and Invictus PTZ cameras. The 360 Vision R&D team has always considered green credentials a top priority. As a result, the company’s security surveillance camera range features the most energy-efficient, ruggedized PTZ cameras available, operating down to an unrivalled 12 Watts power draw (when idle). 

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