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Benchmark Innovation Awards 2023 winners announced

by Geny Caloisi

The Benchmark Innovation Awards 2023 celebrate the achievements of the security industry in terms of innovation and progress. These awards recognise companies and individuals who have made significant contributions to the advancement of the security industry through innovative products and services.

The results are now in!

Readers vote on the awards, which span a wide range of categories, such as Video Management Software, Access Control, Cloud and SaaS innovation, and more. The awards serve as a statement of the industry’s commitment to progress and innovation.

Video Management Software Innovation

Video Management Software (VMS) is at the core of modern surveillance systems, enabling organisations to manage and analyse video feeds efficiently. Vicon’s Valerus 23.2 emerged as the winner in this category thanks to its robust features and user-friendly interface. It empowers security professionals with enhanced situational awareness and advanced analytics tools.

Hanwha Vision’s X series A.I. fisheye camera secured the runner-up position, showcasing the importance of innovative hardware in conjunction with VMS solutions for comprehensive security.

Surveillance CCTV Innovation

CCTV remains a cornerstone of security, and the Surveillance CCTV category recognises the devices that take this technology to new heights. IDIS Europe’s A.I. Box for Surveillance won with its AI-powered capabilities, ensuring more intelligent and efficient monitoring.

Hikvision’s TandemVu PTZ Series, which grabbed the runner-up spot, demonstrates the importance of pan-tilt-zoom functionality in surveillance systems, allowing for flexible and precise monitoring.

Visitors’ Management Innovation

The Visitors’ Management category highlights solutions facilitating secure entry in an era of increasing access control challenges. HID’s Mobile Access with Apple Wallet support emerged as the winner, enabling convenient and secure access via mobile devices.

Intratone’s SC-03 Intercom, the runner-up, exemplifies the importance of practical and straightforward intercom solutions for visitors’ management in today’s security landscape.

Alarm/Detection Innovation

Alarm and detection systems are the first lines of defence in many security setups. Johnson Controls’ IQ4 Panel secured the top position, showcasing its excellence in providing reliable and advanced alarm solutions.

Pyronix’s CarDefender earned the runner-up spot, emphasising the importance of innovative solutions in vehicle security.

Analytics and Software Innovation

In an age of data-driven security, analytics and software innovation are paramount. Eagle Eye Networks clinched the top spot, highlighting its commitment to providing cutting-edge video analytics and cloud-based storage solutions.

A.I. TECH’s AI-Intrusion secured the runner-up position, showcasing the significance of AI-driven intrusion detection in modern security strategies.

Cloud and SaaS Innovation

  • Winner: Texecom Cloud
  • Runner-up: Webeye – webeyeCMS

Cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions continue to revolutionise the security industry. Texecom Cloud emerged as the winner, offering innovative cloud-based services that enhance security system management.

Webeye’s webeyeCMS was recognised as the runner-up, emphasising the importance of comprehensive cloud-based platforms.

Network and Connectivity Innovation

The importance of network and connectivity innovations cannot be overstated in a connected world. Innovations are pivotal. Johnson Controls’ I.Q. WiFi 6 router took the top spot, highlighting the importance of robust networking solutions in security systems.

BT Redcare’s Redcare Connect secured the runner-up position. The solution incorporates the powers of IoT and private WiFi to help security professionals transition smoothly into all-IP communication networks.

Innovator Company of the Year Award

  • Winner: Webeye
  • Runner-up: Johnson Controls

The prestigious Innovator Company of the Year award goes to Webeye, recognising its continuous dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the security industry.

Johnson Controls, a strong industry player, secured the runner-up position, highlighting its ongoing commitment to excellence.

The Benchmark Innovation Awards 2023 showcase the remarkable strides made in the security industry, from advanced video management software to cutting-edge cloud solutions. These innovations are not just technical achievements but also contribute significantly to making the world a safer place. Congratulations to all the winners and runners-up for their outstanding contributions to the security industry’s evolution. These innovations will undoubtedly continue to shape the future of security for years to come.

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