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Paxton Recognised for Innovative Access Control Technology

by Benchmark Magazine

With nearly 40 years of experience, Paxton designs and manufactures simple-to-use smart access control systems and security products. Benchmark Magazine readers have recognised the manufacturer’s continued development and world-class customer support by shortlisting them for three awards this year.

Paxton have been nominated for Innovator (Company) of the Year in the Benchmark Innovation Awards 2023.  Their two access control solutions, Net2 and Paxton10, are also shortlisted for the Visitor Management Innovation and Video Management Software Innovation awards.

Adam Stroud, Paxton’s CEO, said: “Aspiring for innovative products and world-class customer service is part of our DNA at Paxton. As a company, we are determined and passionate about what we do.

“I am proud that our effort and dedication have been recognised by industry professionals and be nominated for three categories in the Benchmark Innovation Awards.”

 Innovative Access Control Solutions

  • Net2

Paxton’s Net2 is a user-friendly and flexible networked access control system, which is managed from a central PC. Net2 access control is easy to install and designed to make the management of any building very simple. Net2 offers a range of IP, battery powered, door entry and wireless or wired door controllers to suit any site requirement, making installers’ working lives easier. You can build your Net2 system one door at a time and it’s easily scalable.

  • Paxton10

Paxton10 is a web-based system combining access control and video surveillance, easily accessible from any device with an internet connection. Paxton10 also allows multi-site management of up to 100 sites from a single remote user interface, ideal for users that require the ability to extend access control across multiple locations. With Paxton10, end-users can utilise their smartphone or smartwatch to access their buildings.

  • Entry

Another popular product range is Paxton’s video door entry system called Entry. The manufacturer is currently developing a new Paxton Entry app, that will allow system users to receive notifications and answer calls on their phones in addition to, or as a replacement for a fixed monitor. They previewed the new app at The Security Event 2023 and gained feedback from customers that will help the manufacturer to provide the best possible user experience.

  • PaxLock

PaxLock is their collection of wireless, electronic battery powered door handles. They work standalone or part of the Net2 or Paxton10 system. The smart, compact appearance and standalone or networked operation means they can be used in a broad range of applications.

All Paxton products come with a 5-year guarantee and hassle-free returns policy, ensuring installers and their customers enjoy the best possible experience.

Innovating World-class Customer Services

To ensure installers have the knowledge they need to install and use Paxton products, they offer free installer training on all their products. These are available in person and online, and trainers can be arranged to travel to customers’ premises too.

Paxton also have an award-winning Technical Support team that is available six days a week. This extended service allows their customers to reach Paxton at a convenient time around their installations.

Andy Edwards, Technical Support Manager at Paxton, said: “No matter how much we grow, we want to keep it feeling personal at Paxton, so there is no script to follow, and no automated service with Paxton’s support team. We set a goal of answering a call within ten seconds and regardless of the enquiry our customers will get through to someone who can help.”

Innovating Business

Paxton want to reward their customers for supporting them, so they launched a new installer loyalty programme, Paxton Rewards, earlier this year. Embedded in the Paxton Installer app, the Paxton Rewards programme allows installers to earn points for buying Paxton products, attending their training, and completing other activities.

Installers can redeem points for Paxton products, branded merchandise, and Amazon vouchers, having a variety of selection that best suits their needs. There are currently nearly 2,000 registered users globally.

In addition, the Paxton Installer app stores useful resources, such as product manuals and tutorial videos, making them easily accessible when installers are on site.

Ashley Woodward, Project Manager from Advanced IT Services, said: “We are finding the Paxton Installer app and the rewards programme good. The barcode scanning makes collecting points and redeeming rewards easier.”

Watch the video to find out more abouts Paxtons journey so far.

Vote for Paxton in the Benchmark Innovation Awards by 2rd October

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