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Using Private WiFi and IoT for a smooth all-IP transition

by Geny Caloisi

BT Redcare Connect incorporates the powers of IoT and private WiFi to help security professionals transition smoothly into the all-IP communication networks, which is fast approaching. The seamless integration of these technologies has led to a smart, reliable, and efficient security system that provides real-time monitoring, instant alerts, and remote access.

Part of the Classic and GSM replacement bundle and combining the power of  Redcare’s Advanced Extra signalling solution with two new products – the Plug-in Adaptor and Redcare Connect, a secure wireless Ethernet cable replacement that is easy to install.

The  Redcare Connect is one of the finalists at the Benchmark Innovation Awards 2023 in the Network and Connectivity category.

The company is also shortlisted as a finalist in the Alarm/Detection innovation category for its Essential IP product.

Running an ethernet cable to connect to a customer’s router or network is sometimes not possible or difficult and time-consuming to do. Redcare Connect has been developed, using the latest IoT technology, to help installers bridge the distance between the devices to cover most situations within a building. This saves installers time and money when switching customers from a legacy system to all-IP or for new installations.

The replacement bundle, including Redcare Connect and the new Plug-in Adaptor, offers a faster, more cost-effective way of protecting homes and businesses. Only the legacy signalling hardware needs to be removed, rather than the entire security panel. Redcare’s Advanced Extrais, future-ready and with the plug-in adaptor, can be simply fitted into any panel with footprint connectors.

As part of BT Redcare’s Classic and GSM replacement bundle, Redcare Connect helps installers migrate from any legacy signalling system to a Dual Path IP + 4G signalling solution to move to all-IP. New installations can also use the bundle for an easy install or where connecting from the signalling device to the customer’s network is impossible or inconvenient.

Customers’ alarm signalling can be connected to their network without running Ethernet cables. Redcare Connect communicates securely with the customer’s router directly from the panel.

Taking this solution is cost-effective and does not require any upfront payments. Dual-path alarm signalling with DP3 performance doubles security and reduces operating costs by half.

The Transition to All-IP

Historically, security systems relied on traditional phone lines for communication. However, the transition to all-IP communication became inevitable with the advent of digital technologies. The shift to an all-IP infrastructure involves transmitting data over internet-based networks, eliminating the need for dedicated phone lines.

The decision to transition to all-IP was driven by several factors, including the need for faster communication, enhanced reliability, and cost savings. With phone lines being phased out now, security companies seek to leverage IP technology’s benefits for robust and reliable connectivity.

With the switch to all-IP, Redcare Connect ensures constant connectivity, reducing the risk of communication failure. Eliminating traditional phone lines minimises downtime, providing a more reliable and responsive security system.

Redcare Connect innovation and the classic and GSM Replacement bundle mean homeowners and businesses can rest assured that their properties are safeguarded and will not fall off the grid.

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