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Hikvision’s New Pro Series cameras with ColorVu, Super Confocal and Smart Hybrid Light technologies

by Geny Caloisi

Modern technology is critical in protecting assets and ensuring public safety in an era where security and surveillance are paramount. Hikvision has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation to deliver cutting-edge technologies. Among their latest breakthroughs, Hikvision’s ColorVu Technology stands tall, providing enhanced low-light imaging capabilities by integrating Super Confocal and Smart Hybrid Light innovations.

The Need for Enhanced Low-Light Imaging

Traditional surveillance cameras often struggle to capture clear images in low-light or nighttime conditions. Poor visibility in such scenarios not only jeopardises the effectiveness of security systems but also hinders investigations and identification processes. Recognising this limitation, Hikvision introduced a comprehensive solution to overcome low-light challenges.

The new Pro Series takes low-light imaging to new heights by incorporating state-of-the-art hardware and software components. This technology is designed to provide vivid and colourful images even in near-complete darkness, effectively enhancing the overall surveillance experience.

Super Confocal Innovation

A significant aspect of Hikvision’s ColorVu Technology lies in its Super Confocal Innovation. Unlike conventional infrared (IR) cameras that primarily rely on IR light to capture images in low-light environments, Super Confocal employs an advanced optical design to concentrate light on the camera’s sensor more effectively. Pro Series cameras with ColorVu have large-aperture, high-resolution lenses, which reduce the focus depth for infrared imaging.

To solve this problem, Hikvision has infused Super Confocal Technology. This is a high-calibre-lens design which reduces optical light dispersion to ensure that the point of focus on the sensor for the infrared light is virtually the same as that of the visible light (thus, “con”-focal). Focusing both types of light at the same spot helps prevent blur and improves the user’s viewing experience by rendering clear, vivid images in colour and black-white. Achieving confocal imaging with F1.0 super aperture is also an industry first.

The Super Confocal technology significantly improves the camera’s sensitivity to light, enabling it to capture detailed and sharp images in extremely dim lighting conditions. This translates into enhanced image clarity, reduced noise, and a higher level of detail, making identifying objects, people, or potential threats easier.

Smart Hybrid Light Technology

Another key component of Hikvision’s new Pro Series is the Smart Hybrid Light innovation. Traditional infrared cameras often produce monochromatic images with limited colour information, making it challenging to discern crucial details. Smart Hybrid Light changes this dynamic by combining visible and IR light to achieve better illumination.

A camera equipped with this technology offers three different options for supplemental lighting, depending on a user’s needs at night. A white or visible light mode establishes colour imaging. The IR mode (invisible to humans) enables continuous black-and-white imaging at night without light pollution. In contrast, the “smart” mode automatically switches the light between the two modes based on perimeter events.

In well-lit environments, the camera primarily uses visible light to capture full-colour images, providing realistic and accurate scene representations. During low-light conditions, the camera automatically switches to IR light, ensuring seamless visibility without compromising image quality. This seamless transition between visible light and IR light allows for consistent, vibrant, and detailed surveillance footage around the clock.

The camera maintains infrared illumination at night until an event triggers colour imaging. When the camera detects motion, it switches to regular lights and turns to full colour. First, the camera’s colour imaging provides better footage, which can be used to identify the intruder. Additionally, the triggered light is a deterrent to would-be trespassers who might get startled and flee.

Practical Applications and Benefits

The integration of Super Confocal and Smart Hybrid Light technologies into Hikvision’s Pro Series with ColorVu opens up a multitude of practical applications and benefits across various industries and scenarios:

Enhanced Security: With superior low-light imaging capabilities, Pro Series cameras with ColorVu provide critical support to security personnel in monitoring and responding to potential security breaches during night time hours.

Increased Visibility: The technology allows for better visibility of individuals and objects in the camera’s field of view, facilitating easier identification and accurate analysis of events.

Improved Forensics: In investigations, clear and detailed surveillance footage is vital. Pro Series cameras assist law enforcement in gathering crucial evidence and reconstructing events accurately.

Cost-Effectiveness: By eliminating the need for additional lighting infrastructure, Pro Series cameras with ColorVu offer a cost-effective solution for low-light surveillance.

Versatility: The ability to capture vivid images in both daylight and low-light conditions makes the new Pro Series cameras highly versatile for various applications, including traffic monitoring, critical infrastructure protection, and public safety initiatives.

Hikvision’s ColorVu, Super Confocal and Smart Hybrid Light technology represents a game-changer in the surveillance industry. By pushing the boundaries of low-light imaging, these Pro Series cameras empower organisations and authorities to ensure public safety, protect valuable assets, and conduct effective investigations even in the darkest environments.
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