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Finnish bank invests in PACOM’s VIGIL CORE

by Geny Caloisi

Banking premises require a robust security infrastructure to safeguard sensitive financial information, customer data and valuable assets. When a leading investment bank in Finland needed to enhance the protection of its archive room, it turned to PACOM’s VIGIL CORE security management platform.

A bank’s archive room is a designated location for storing and preserving critical documents, customer records, financial information, and legal agreements. It plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of a bank’s records.

Banks must comply with strict regulations to secure customer data. Organising documents in an archive room helps manage and retrieve information efficiently, enabling internal audits, compliance checks, and customer inquiries. Access is restricted to designated personnel, and the spaces are equipped with advanced security measures to protect against unauthorised handling or removal.

In order to mitigate any emerging risks and threats, banks need to employ an ongoing program of security infrastructure upgrades. When a leading investment bank in Finland needed to improve the security of an archive room in one of its locations in Helsinki, it asked for recommendations from Securitas Technology – a PACOM value added reseller for over 25 years.

Mikko Seppänen, product manager at Securitas Technology, takes up the story and explains, ‘As a world leading provider of integrated security solutions that employs approximately 13,000 people across the globe, we have experience of working with a wide range of technologies. We operate extensively within the financial sector, so understand that nothing can be left to chance and only the best will do. When we were asked to suggest ways to maximise the integrity of our client’s archive room, we researched the best possible option, which we decided was PACOM’s VIGIL CORE integrated security management platform.’

Reach for the sky

Intelligent, user friendly and highly cost effective, VIGIL CORE is a cloud based software solution that offers the flexibility, scalability, affordability and functionality demanded by today’s organisations. It has been designed to redefine what’s possible in security integration management, without any legacy restrictions, and is able to deliver valuable business intelligence, operational insights and efficiencies.

‘End users are now able to harness the power of the cloud through VIGIL CORE,’ comments Brad McMullen, PACOM’s general manager of security products and solutions. ‘VIGIL CORE is a true game-changer and a great fit for customers with single sites, hundreds of sites or large campus environments. Its fully customisable dashboard can be accessed via any internet connected desktop PC or smartphone. It can also scale up and down as required and provides existing PACOM users with an opportunity to migrate to it quickly and easily.’

All for one

Access control systems are used to limit access to sensitive areas within the bank based on job roles. In archive rooms, they are integrated with other security technologies such as intrusion detection systems, video surveillance systems, and alarm systems to detect and record any suspicious activities.

Securitas Technology’s Mikko Seppänen states, ‘This is the first time VIGIL CORE has been installed in Finland, so for us it provided a great opportunity to find out more about its features and benefits. Our customer needed the system to be up and running very quickly and we were very impressed with how easy it was to deploy. The archive room is quite small, so we integrated the access and control and intrusion detection systems on the same panel, and there is the potential to expand the system adding doors and cameras as required. The integration of security systems is the way forward and it’s clear that VIGIL CORE has great potential across many vertical sectors and organisations of all sizes.’

Under control

Administration of access control systems involves careful management and oversight. With VIGIL CORE system administrators can configure access levels, assign credentials and regularly review and update security settings – helping to ensure that the administrator accounts are always controlled correctly.

VIGIL CORE automatically installs software and firmware updates to enhance the bank’s security infrastructure. This ensures regulatory compliance and takes the burden of managing cybersecurity off the end user. Securitas Technology can provide remote diagnostics and maintenance as needed.

Happy with the choice, a bank spokesperson emphasises the importance of a secure archive room for the stability of a bank. They trusted Securitas Technology to configure a solution that reinforces the integrity of the bank and establishes a foundation of reliability and accountability.

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