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Reliance High-Tech’s microsite Cloud-Based Security Solutions is launching

by Geny Caloisi
Reliance High-Tech recently hosted an event in London on March 14th at Clays City, showcasing cutting-edge advancements in cloud-based security solutions. Reliance continues to spearhead innovations catering to a broad spectrum of clients, from those embarking on their cloud journey to seasoned veterans seeking to elevate their systems with AI technology.

The event commenced with an insightful presentation by Ari Dinar, Sales Director at Eagle Eye Networks, who delved into the pivotal question of “Why Cloud, Why Now?” Dinar’s talk elucidated the transformative power of cloud technology in enhancing security infrastructure, emphasising the timeliness and relevance of adopting cloud solutions in today’s dynamic landscape.

Following up was Liam Twyman, UK Sales Director at Brivo, who took the stage to shed light on the role of Access Control in the Cloud in streamlining enterprise operations. Twyman’s emphasis on open-source solutions underscored the importance of flexibility and interoperability in modern security systems. By showcasing Brivo’s cloud-based access control capabilities, Twyman highlighted seamless integration with various systems, including HID, 2N, and Google. This illustrates how Brivo is a versatile data aggregation and insights generation conduit.

His emphasis on flexibility and interoperability struck a chord with the audience, which included end users such as Ascot, underscoring the need for modern security systems to adapt seamlessly to evolving needs.

Twyman showcased Brivo’s cloud-based access control capabilities, demonstrating how the platform is key for integrating diverse systems. The seamless compatibility with industry brands such as HID, 2N, and Google exemplified Brivo’s versatility, positioning it as a central data aggregation and insights generation hub. Twyman’s presentation didn’t just highlight Brivo’s technical prowess; it underscored the platform’s ability to empower businesses with actionable intelligence derived from interconnected systems.

The event’s highlight was Andy Schofield, Reliance High-Tech’s Chief Technology Officer, presenting Reliance Cloud Technology Services. Through this new online portal, clients can stay updated with the fast-changing reality of today’s security landscape. 

Schofield’s presentation offered a deep dive into the nuanced realm of cloud technology, as he said, “Not all ‘Cloud’ has been made the same.”

By showcasing the diversity and sophistication of Reliance High-Tech’s cloud offerings, Schofield underscored the importance of staying abreast of AI advancements in real time. 

His demonstration of OpenAI’s capabilities underscored the rapid evolution of AI and the imperative for industry professionals to update their knowledge base continuously. One of the most compelling aspects of Schofield’s presentation was his emphasis on the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) and its intersection with cloud technology. By demonstrating OpenAI’s capabilities, using various ‘Text to Video’ very impressive footage, Schofield underscored the potential of AI.

This underscores the imperative for industry professionals to remain vigilant and adaptable to technological advancements. Hence, the company is launching its Reliance Cloud Technology Services.

This underscores the imperative for industry professionals to remain vigilant and adaptable to technological advancements, hence the company’s investment in creating Reliance Cloud Technology Services. If you lament having missed Reliance High-Tech’s event in London, you can visit the one they have organised in Manchester on March 21st.

Before we delved into virtual clay pigeon shooting, all present gained a comprehensive understanding of cloud technology’s transformative potential in modern security ecosystems thanks to the seamless integration of presentations from industry leaders such as Eagle Eye Networks, Brivo and Reliance High-Tech’s visionary insights.

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