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Add Licence Plate Recognition Without Adding Expensive Cameras

by Geny Caloisi

A finalist in the Cloud/SaaS innovation category in this year’s Benchmark Innovation Awards, Eagle Eye LPR (license plate recognition) is an affordable, cloud-managed solution for the accurate detection and recognition of vehicle licence plates. 

Designed for easy setup and management, Eagle Eye LPR (license plate recognition) operates with existing ONVIF security cameras and lowers the barrier to entry, bringing the benefits of LPR to more businesses and resellers than ever before. This makes it an affordable and practical option for those who are interested in licence plate recognition technology but do not want to buy expensive, specialised LPR or ANPR cameras.

What makes Eagle Eye LPR truly innovative and worthy of recognition in the 2022 awards is the fact that it’s an AI-powered system that’s highly accurate and continuously improves over time. The cloud-managed and updated system is smooth to operate and does not require any major hardware changes or installation. 

The intuitive nature of the system allows the user to manage and add locations, cameras and features at the click of a button, while being highly accurate, even for non-standard licence plates with different fonts, stacked characters, and in difficult lighting and environmental conditions such as moving vehicles (up to 56 kilometres per hour), poor weather conditions, difficult camera angles, and dirty number plates.

Typical applications of the technology include smart parking with LPR-based automation, corporate offices, warehouses, campus access control, Home Owners Association (HOA) and multi-family home safety, multi-site remote monitoring, and it can also improve the customer experience for restaurants, retail, factories, fleet management and curbside pickup/collection.

Eagle Eye Cloud VMS and Eagle Eye LPR combine to help create a smart future where businesses are more efficient and effective, and the world is a safer place.

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