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Webeye expands into the hardware manufacturing space

by Geny Caloisi

To further enhance its presence in the security space, Webeye has recently appointed Andrew Hall as the new Hardware Commercial Director. Hall brings a wealth of experience from his previous role at Resideo and is poised to lead Webeye’s foray into the hardware market as it is set to unveil its latest innovation – Vigileyez.

Hall is well-versed in developing and promoting cutting-edge hardware solutions for the security and surveillance industry. With over a decade of experience, Hall is well-equipped to steer Webeye’s hardware division to new heights. We spoke to Hall to discover the company’s plans for the next 12 months and understand more about the new rapid deployment camera.

“Before joining Webeye,  I worked for six years at Resideo as the manager of Videofied for the UK and Ireland. Webeye had been working with it for longer than my time in business, so I had known and worked with the Webeye team for some time.”

Webeye’s venture into the hardware space will take the industry by storm with the launch of Vigileyez, a high-performance camera designed for rapid deployment. According to Hall, Vigileyez brings a host of innovative features that promise to revolutionise surveillance and security systems.

Vigileyez boasts superior picture quality, ensuring crystal-clear images and videos, even in challenging lighting conditions. This improvement enables more accurate and reliable surveillance.

The Vigileyez camera is equipped with advanced PIR (Passive Infrared) and RF (Radio Frequency) technology, enabling it to quickly detect motion and other events. This translates to faster alerts, allowing for immediate action in critical situations.

Vigileyez supports three methods of communication with the control panel: 4G, Wi-Fi, or via an Ethernet cable. This versatility ensures seamless integration into various security systems, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

All these features are expected from an innovative security camera. However, Hall believes that its capacity for remote access will set Vigileyez apart from the others.

“Once installed, Vigileyez offers full remote access capabilities, allowing users to monitor and control the camera from anywhere. This feature enhances convenience and flexibility for security professionals.”

A Symbiotic Relationship with webeyeCMS

Vigileyez has been strategically designed to have a symbiotic relationship with Webeye’s cutting-edge central monitoring software, webeyeCMS. This integration offers users a seamless and efficient experience, as the camera integrates with the comprehensive security management tools webeyeCMS provides.

“At Webeye, we want to be a solution driver company,” says Hall, “This means solving the problems of our customers’ wants and needs. Our worst-kept secret is that we are bringing our product with Vigileyez, which will be the natural evolution of our niche of battery-powered wireless video verification space.

“However excited we are about Vigileyez, we acknowledge that it is not necessarily going to be the answer to everybody’s problems, so for us as a hardware organisation, it’s about offering best-of-breed.

“We are the experts in rapid deployment in that space, and yes, Vigileyez will be a fulcrum of that.”

“Webeye has been developed to be more than just an alarm receiver. I  view it as an estate management model so the installers can have the information that they may need to be able to make the decisions that they can to ensure that their systems are being maintained in a good fit and proper manner so that they’re delivering the best quality of service to their customers.”

Mark Your Calendars: November 30, 2023

The highly anticipated launch date for Vigileyez is November 30, 2023. This innovative camera promises to set new standards in rapid deployment surveillance, empowering security professionals with top-tier technology and peace of mind.

Webeye appointing Hall as Hardware Commercial Director marks an exciting chapter in the company’s journey into the hardware space. With Vigileyez, Webeye is set to redefine rapid deployment surveillance, offering better picture quality, faster alerts, and full remote access. The camera’s versatile connectivity options and integration with webeyeCMS make it a compelling choice for those seeking advanced security solutions.

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