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Webeye welcomes Artifeel to the webeyeCMS platform

by Geny Caloisi

Webeye, a leading provider in the Rapid Deployment and Temporary Security industry, has taken a significant step towards enhancing its offering through the webeyeCMS platform by integrating Artifeel’s hardware. This partnership promises to revolutionise how security installers approach rapid deployment projects, offering a game-changing solution that combines ease of use, reliability, and independence from conventional power sources and connectivity.

Artifeel is a French start-up in the Smart-Security sector, founded in early 2021 and focused on creating technology for the future. The company has already won a new technology competition, sponsored by Bouygues Telecom, and has been named as a finalist for the Best Start-up Awards at Connected Britain, which will be presented at the end of the month.

Artifeel aims to disrupt the Smart-Security market, starting with Intruder Alarms. The company believes that the best technology is the one that can be installed and forgotten because you know it works.

Artifeel has gained recognition for its ability to provide near-real-time AI-powered verification of security incidents. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), Artifeel can analyse vibrations and recognise threats or anomalies, delivering rapid alerts to security personnel. This technology’s integration into Webeye’s CMS platform promises to enhance security capabilities for users in various industries, particularly those requiring swift deployment in challenging environments.

One of the standout features that makes the integration of Artifeel ideal for rapid deployment projects is the ease of installation. This innovative device is designed to be installed with a “lick-and-stick” system, allowing security installers to set it up quickly and efficiently, even in remote areas. The simplicity of installation means that security personnel can have it up and running within minutes, saving precious time and resources.

The company says the box can be installed in under two minutes on any opening and works without electricity or WiFi. It operates on a low-power, long-life battery and utilises LTE and NBIoT, eliminating the need for a reliable power supply, making it perfect for remote locations or temporary security setups, particularly those with poor connectivity as NBIoT is designed to connect in even the harshest of environments.

Whether protecting a construction site or vacant property, monitoring a remote location, or securing a storage unit, security installers often need a solution that can be deployed rapidly without compromising effectiveness. Webeye’s incorporation of Artifeel into its webeyeCMS platform provides just that.

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