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WebeyeCMS offers enhanced efficiency and cost savings

by Geny Caloisi

WebeyeCMS’ latest release (v3.6.8), from June 2023, took care of fixing bugs, ensuring smooth operations with third-party devices, and improving reporting and viewing options. WebeyeCMS, Webeye’s cloud-based security solution, has been nominated for the third consecutive year in the Could/SaaS category at the Benchmark Innovation Award 2023.

WebeyeCMS uses cutting-edge technology to provide advanced security features and functionalities. It incorporates the latest advancements in cloud computing and video analytics.

WebeyeCMS is the first fully cloud-based alarm-handling platform designed specifically for Video Monitoring. In WebeyeCMS, alarms are sent, received and monitored for successful transmission via the cloud. The power of cloud computing means that Webeye can offer numerous benefits over traditional on-premises solutions. It provides scalability, flexibility, and accessibility, allowing users to access and manage their security systems from anywhere, anytime, using any device with an internet connection.

WebeyeCMS offers a centralised management platform that enables users to monitor and control multiple security devices and systems from a single interface. This streamlines operations simplifies administration, and enhances efficiency for organisations with distributed or multi-site security deployments.

Chris Coughlin, Webeye’s Commercial Director, points out, “One strong plus of WebeyeCMS is that the solution does not require capital investment. Moreover, not having to invest significantly in servers and complex infrastructure already provides substantial savings. The integrator and installer do not have to spend time configuring and maintaining IT resources on-site. Webeye’s cloud-based solution makes upgrades and bug fixes easy and safe.”

WebeyeCMS is designed with extensive integration capabilities, allowing it to seamlessly integrate with various security devices, sensors, and third-party systems. This enables users to create a unified security ecosystem, consolidating data and insights from multiple sources for a more holistic approach to security management.

Reliability at the forefront

WebeyeCMS prioritises security and reliability by implementing robust encryption protocols, authentication mechanisms, and redundant infrastructure. Consequently, downtime and data breaches are minimised, as well as the integrity and confidentiality of data.

Webeye is proud to deliver 99.97% uptime, allowing only two hours and thirty-six minutes of disruption in a rolling 12-month period. The company provides complete transparency, showing its service status at the top of its website 24/7.

Chris says, “If we go down for even a second, that’s an immediate loss of revenue. I’m not talking just about our business but every business built on Webeye, which matters a lot more.

“This is why it’s important for the engineer and companies that work with us, and for ourselves, that WebeyeCMS is overwhelmingly resilient. Some people think it’s overkill, but our users beg to differ.

“Webeye’s infrastructure is built around resiliency, every server is scalable and load balanced, so if there is ever an issue – the infrastructure automatically responds and protects incoming alarm traffic. This allows us to handle hundreds of thousands of videos every day and send them to users as quickly as 1 second after receiving them.”

WebeyeCMS has a proven track record of delivering value to its customers. Testimonials, case studies, and user feedback positively impact security operations, incident response times, and overall organisational efficiency.

WebeyeCMS evolves with the changing security landscape, ensuring users benefit from the latest advancements and features. Its innovative approach, reliability, and comprehensive feature set have attracted a substantial user base and established it as a trusted and respected solution provider.

Chris concluded, “We are constantly updating the system, which happens without the client having to do anything about it. Just this June, we added several features to webeyeCMS v3.6.8, such as a tamper alarms report (Group/Site reporting) and the ability to view videos from the Video Signals report, where previously you could only download them. We also fixed a bug with full-screen zooming when viewing videos/LiveLink.”

WebeyeCMS brings strengths and value to the market, making it a strong contender for an innovation award.

To vote for webeyeCMS at the Benchmark Innovation Awards 2023, click here.


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