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Texecom Monitor software delivers reliability

by Geny Caloisi

Texecom has continuously demonstrated a commitment to innovation, and Texecom Monitor stands out by offering unparalleled analytics and software capabilities and empowering users with a comprehensive and intelligent security solution. We spoke to Hugh Devereux, Head of Product Management at Texecom, to find out why Texecom Monitor should win the Analytics and Software Innovation Award at the Benchmark Innovation Awards, where it’s one of the finalists.

Benchmark Magazine: How does the user-friendly interface of Texecom Monitor software simplify complex analytics and software functionalities for users?

Hugh Devereux: Texecom Monitor uses the Texecom Cloud Installer portal to enable Installers to quickly link Sites directly to ARCs without worrying about connectivity routing, IP networks or addresses. The customer can make the site application to the ARC directly through the Installer portal, and the ARC is then ready to receive the connection when the Engineer visits the site. A single six-digit App Code enables the alarm system to be connected to the Cloud, and then Texecom Cloud automatically connects them to the ARC of their choice. Monitoring of the connection is managed, so there is no configuration required.

BM: Could you elaborate on the remote accessibility features of Texecom Monitor software and how it enables continuous monitoring and control from anywhere?

HD: Texecom Monitor and Texecom Cloud are all cloud-based services hosted on Amazon Web Server (AWS) and managed by the Texecom team. Installers can check the operation of their sites at any time by connecting to the Cloud from anywhere, using a secure encrypted and multi-factor authenticated connection, ensuring that installers can offer customer support remotely from anywhere in the world.

BM: How does Texecom Monitor software ensure reliability and trustworthiness in providing robust security solutions?

HD: Texecom Monitor is a service hosted on a multi-redundant platform on AWS. It has an uptime of over 99.998%. The service connections to ARCs are all dual paths with separate endpoints, these are monitored automatically, and any failure alerts are managed by the Texecom team 24/7. If we detect a path failure, one of the Operations teams will call the ARC and establish the cause and ensure that actions are in place to ensure the service remains operational. Each ARC is obviously responsible for ensuring that its service is operational.

The SmartCom 4G provides dual redundant signalling, with each path being monitored continuously in line with EN50136 grade category requirements. The SmartCom 4G is also self-monitoring and ensures that it will identify an alternative path in the event of a single path failure. Equipped with a roaming service SIM, ensuring if data comms is not possible on the registered network, it will automatically switch to an alternative network rapidly and then attempt to signal again.

The key benefit of Texecom Monitor is in the unparalleled Texecom Cloud service that enables regular automated remote servicing through the Health Check function and easy-to-use remote user and system management from the Installer portal, all bundled together.

BM: What kind of customer support, training and maintenance services does Texecom offer for Texecom Monitor software users?

HD: Texecom provides technical training in person or online courses covering on-site installation, Premier Elite systems, and Texecom Digital Services as a whole.

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