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The four-channel box that provides a fully operational AI surveillance solution

by Geny Caloisi

IDIS’ AI Box for surveillance, the DV-1304-A, is the winner of the Benchmark Innovation Awards 2023, Surveillance Innovation (CCTV) category. The IDIS AI Box offers the advantages of AI an an entry level price.

Implementing AI video surveillance when you have a small to medium project might feel a bit like overkill. We know that AI-powered video analytics can generate real-time alerts and notifications, based on predefined rules or anomalies. And it’s proven that this can save significant time and prevent pointless alarms. Using AI video as a proactive tool not only helps to minimise response times, it increases the chances of preventing losses and damage in the first place.

Most users won’t want to invest in expensive software or enterprise-level multiple-channel NVRs – so if your requirements are for smaller installs – such as retailers, hospitality venues, schools, offices handling sensitive data, or businesses that want extra protection for high-risk zones such as entrances, and high-value goods areas – then IDIS’ AI Box for surveillance is the answer.

The practical box fills the gap in the market for entry-level to medium sized applications by providing a scalable four-channel option at a fraction of the price of other modes of AI, making it easier to harness the power of deep learning analytics.

While the number of camera inputs for each box is four, this AI Box is scalable, license-free and comes pre-installed with the IDIS Deep Learning Engine that delivers up to 98% accuracy. It’s ideal for multi-branch retailers and small-sized businesses that want to strengthen security, and eliminate the hassle of false alarms. And for medium-sized applications users can scale by adding more boxes to encompass up to 32-channels.

As with other AI-powered video surveillance systems, the DV-1304-A provides advanced analytics features, such as object, loitering, intrusion, and face detection, as well as line crossing. These features allow users to extract valuable insights from video feeds, enhancing security and operational efficiency. The NDAA-Compliant DV-1304-A is also optimised to minimise storage and bandwidth requirements while enabling highly efficient event searches to speed up investigations.

The DV-1304-A delivers immediate notifications when specific events occur, or the system detects suspicious activities using either the cost-free, full-featured IDIS Center or enterprise-class IDIS Solution Suite VMS and IDIS mobile apps. With the IDIS Deep Learning Engine pre-installed, the box can be easily connected to the latest IDIS NVRs.

The new IDIS AI Box for Surveillance also offers a scalable and modular approach that allows customers to start with a smaller setup and gradually expand their system to accommodate additional cameras with AI video analytics capabilities. Users also benefit from IDIS DirectIP® true plug-and-play technology, which ensures quick and easy deployment of additional boxes, cameras, and network recorders that all seamlessly connect – keeping installation costs low, streamlining cybersecurity, and ensuring simple maintenance.

As a result of seamless connectivity, no ongoing license fees, trusted NDAA-compliant equipment, and extended warranties, IDIS tech delivers a low total cost of ownership (TCO) and gives small to medium businesses affordable AI-powered analytics allowing a proactive approach to increasing security and safety.

Click the link to vote for IDIS DV-1304-A on the Surveillance Innovation (CCTV) category.

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