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IDIS VMS integrates with Sensoguard for perimeter detection

by Geny Caloisi
An integration between IDIS Solution Suite (ISS) video management software (VMS) and SensoGuard seismic detection technology offers new AI-enhanced perimeter threat detection solutions for systems integrators and end-users.

A comprehensive set of SensoGuard CCS software tools and advanced seismic and magnetic sensors are integrated with IDIS’s enterprise-class VMS, which includes IDIS Deep Learning Analytics (IDLA) capabilities such as object detection and classification.

The combination of SensoGuard’s military-grade and rugged seismic technology with IDIS AI-powered analytics that deliver up to 98% accuracy adds a formidable new layer of security to any perimeter while streamlining security control room operations and reducing workload for operators.

The integrated solution, ideal for risk-critical applications and sites with sensitive or extensive boundaries, will support busy security control room teams by ensuring continuous, automated detection and classification of potential intrusion threats.

IDIS’ camera range gives users an extensive choice of HD and Ultra HD models, ensuring crisp, clear footage in all lighting conditions, even in the harshest environments. This will allow operators to verify genuine threats and dismiss false alarms quickly.

Video pop-up alerts are triggered immediately after an event of interest is detected, with the added option of sending notifications to managers working remotely or on the move using the IDIS Mobile Plus app.

Tomer Levy, SensoGuard CEO, welcomed the collaboration, “We see our systems as part of an end-to-end solution for mission-critical applications. We want to make life as simple as possible for integrators and end users. Investing in off-the-shelf integrations makes us stronger and more attractive and aligns with our commitment to delivering a complete and holistic solution.”

James Min, Managing Director of IDIS Europe, said the integration would drive further expansion into critical national infrastructure applications globally and support the company’s network of integration partners and their customers. “For many applications, security starts at the perimeter and early. Reliable detection is key to ensuring a proactive and effective response. The collaboration between SensoGuard and IDIS gives users double-layered protection where it matters most.”

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