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IDIS eBook: video strategies and advice for retail loss prevention

by Geny Caloisi
Video surveillance has long been an essential weapon in the war against shrink. But recent technological advances and better implementation options are redefining how systems are designed and used. Better video surveillance can dramatically help to cut shrink and protect profits, according to IDIS, South Korea’s largest in-country surveillance manufacturer.

In its new eBook, “Five Surveillance Essentials for Cutting Shrink and Protecting Profits, IDIS provides retailers and their consultant and systems integration partners with solid advice on how to leverage their video systems better to prevent theft. Notable tech advances and better implementation options are also highlighted.

Key developments detailed in the free-to-download eBook include AI-powered analytics that is helping retailers be more proactive and preventative; improvements in camera performance that provide a better foundation for loss prevention strategies; the availability of easier point of sale (POS) and video integration solutions; robust video evidence to support prosecutions, and easier to use video management software with lower system life cycle costs.

For retail settings, it’s now deemed a priority to achieve complete visibility of all areas because any gaps in surveillance will be exploited by would-be thieves. A wide choice of cameras is available to facilitate this, including low-profile HD and ultra-HD models, which make wide area coverage of entire shop floors and aisles more affordable.

“Crisp, clear image capture is the foundation of every retail surveillance system,” says James Min, Managing Director, IDIS Europe. “From the quality of real-time viewing and video evidence to the effectiveness of money-saving AI analytics, a lot is riding on camera performance.”

Storage is another key issue covered in the eBook in response to the need to retain footage reliably yet affordably for extended periods. The eBook considers how storage options should allow retailers to expand their systems without significant further investments while supporting integration with other security and safety systems.

And despite pressure on their budgets, retailers are less likely to be drawn in by the lowest upfront costs. They’re becoming increasingly more focused on getting the best system life cycle value, considering issues such as maintenance, operation, license fees, and cybersecurity risks.

“As our eBook explains, today we are also seeing the need for retail video systems to be better designed around the needs of the individuals who use them – from loss prevention managers and security staff to branch managers and store owners – with more powerful functions and greater ease-of-use,” Min adds. “In the fight against shoplifters, organized crime gangs, and fraud, video solutions can help retailers win the battle against shrink by supporting better deterrence, detection, intervention, and investigation.”

To download the eBook click here.

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