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French beauty and cosmetics leader expands store network across Türkiye with IDIS video and analytics solution

by Benchmark Magazine

Leading French cosmetic and beauty brand Yves Rocher, founded in 1959, is expanding its presence across Türkiye, investing in a growing network of stores in shopping malls, tourist hotspots, and prime retail locations. Today more than 260 Yves Rocher outlets sell a wide range of skincare and haircare products, makeup, and fragrances, all with formulations using natural, botanical ingredients.

Key to the company’s profitability is its use of advanced remote monitoring and business intelligence analytics to give its central management team greater understanding and control over branch operations. The company has identified video as one of its key tools, helping to reduce shrink, improve customer service, drive sales, and improve staff performance.


Central management and oversight is key to profitability and growth

Each of the stores are relatively small – typically 40 to 50 square meters – so it’s essential that staff manage periods of peak customer activity efficiently. Displays must be kept properly stocked, store ambience must be maintained in line with Yves Rocher brand values, and a high standard of customer service must be provided even when the store is busy, with low waiting times particularly vital.

Remote video surveillance was needed to improve central management of individual stores and steer the national growth strategy and minimize shrink. However, finding the right video solution was a challenge. Across the whole estate a mix of analogue and IP cameras, and inflexible VMS, was proving hard to use; cameras were obtrusive and did not provide comprehensive coverage in HD quality; and the system had no analytics functionality, so a labor-intensive people counting solution was being used, increasing operating costs.


IDIS end-to-end technology delivers streamlined monitoring, improved store coverage, and advanced video analytics

Secom and IDIS replaced this mix-and-match system with a single, powerful 5MP IDIS fisheye camera (DC-Y6516WRX-A), managed and controlled via IDIS Center in the stores, and IDIS Solution Suite (ISS) Expert VMS at the head office. Footage is recorded locally on a 4-channel IDIS DR-2504P NDAA-compliant NVR. The single-camera solution simplifies and streamlines system operation for retail staff and ensures HD coverage of the whole store, without blind spots.

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