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Connecting the Dots with IQ Wi-Fi 6

by Geny Caloisi
Wi-Fi 6, the successor to Wi-Fi 5, is a powerful wireless protocol designed to enhance Wi-Fi connections in areas with many devices requiring connectivity. Johnson Controls’ IQ Wi-Fi 6 is the Network and Connectivity category winner at the Benchmark Innovation Awards 2023.

With its greater potential area coverage and mesh network compatibility alongside uniquely efficient throughput, even large-scale areas using Wi-Fi 6 experience less network congestion and faster connection speeds.

As security systems increasingly support wireless and IoT devices, Wi-Fi 6 provides a robust option for any location – like homes, large buildings, or commercial areas – where these devices compete with other wireless devices for connectivity.

IQ Wi-Fi 6

While Wi-Fi 6 is an attractive wireless option for any installation, making the most of the protocol requires a powerful access point with unique features to streamline the installation, connection, and continued management of connected devices. IQ Wi-Fi 6, the first Wi-Fi system purpose-built for pros from Qolsys by Johnson Controls, provides a reliable solution with a simple installation and a super-fast network.

IQ Wi-Fi 6 brings the power of Wi-Fi 6 to any installation with unrivalled features to streamline wireless connections while proactively defending against issues to keep them up and running.

Alarm.com Integration

IQ Wi-Fi 6 comes with Alarm.com integration to give users ultimate control and flexibility of their wireless systems and provides superior convenience and security. When installing IQ Wi-Fi 6 or connecting other devices to the network, an intuitive on-screen guide moves installers through the necessary steps to get the system ready to go.

Consistent internet connectivity is a vital part of cloud-based security systems, and by integrating IQ Wi-Fi 6 and Alarm.com, users can take advantage of Alarm.com’s platform from anywhere using the mobile app or web portal.

With IQ Wi-Fi 6 and Alarm.com, users can remotely manage and control their systems. Users can easily arm and disarm security systems, view live video feeds from cameras, control smart devices, or access other system features. Installers can also remotely reboot the router and solve other system issues without the need for an installer to visit the affected location.

Partitions and SSID

Wireless partitions are an important way to secure wireless systems and ensure devices maintain the needed speeds. By dividing IQ Wi-Fi 6’s Wi-Fi network into several virtual local area networks (VLANs), users can connect devices or users to one of three levels of access: Main, Security and Guest.

A well-organized Wi-Fi system lets users view and manage their devices easily, but these partitions also come with other benefits. For example, if a homeowner changes the Main partition’s network password and forgets it, an installer will still have access to the Security partition and can easily rectify the problem without a lengthy or burdensome visit to the property.

Expandable Coverage with Mesh

While IQ Wi-Fi 6 has over 1,500 square feet of coverage on its own, sometimes an installation requires that a network stretch across several buildings or larger areas. IQ Wi-Fi 6 comes complete with mesh network compatibility to enable gigabit speeds on up to 8 devices.

When using a mesh network on IQ Wi-Fi 6, connection speeds stay consistent across the property to guarantee any security device can find the most effective connection to the system without competing for speeds. Additionally, the whole network will still require one SSID, meaning that the network’s password remains the same across the install even when an extra IQ Wi-Fi 6 is added to the mesh.

IQ Compatible

As a member of the IQ family, IQ Wi-Fi 6 can easily integrate with IQ Panels and other IQ devices. Using an IQ Panel with IQ Wi-Fi 6 unlocks intuitive end-user controls and enables effortless management of a system in one place. With IQ Panel, users can view their wireless network map, pause profiles, connect guests to the Guest partition using a QR code, run speed tests, or reboot their system in one place with a tap of the screen.

Vote for IQ Wi-Fi 6 Benchmark Innovation Awards 2023 in the Network and Connectivity category.

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