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The IQ Panel 4 redefines home integration and security

by Geny Caloisi
Qolsys IQ Panel 4 is the latest generation of alarm and automation solutions. As it’s the case with Johnson Control’s products, security is at the forefront. The IQ Panel 4 is  the winner of the Alarm/Detection category at the Benchmark Innovation Awards 2023.

IQ Panel 4, the successor of IQ Panel 2, allows professional security installers to cater for the residential market as well as small businesses. They can offer alarms and home/office automation systems that provide proven operational capabilities and highly evolved detectors and employ the latest communications technology.

The system’s hub integrates neat new features, including an 8MP camera with 120-degree views. Its new 7-inch touchscreen supports displaying images from connected video doorbells & integrated cameras, up to 40 can be seen on the panel screen. It comes with an in-built glass break sensor, and the hub speakers have been upgraded to QuadSound (4-watt) speakers, with an optional woofer – Bluetooth music can be streamed to the IQ Base. A microphone also allows two-way audio.

“We fine-tuned the IQ Panel to improve range, installation time, and provide a better user experience,” said Dave Pulling, Johnson Controls General Manager and Founder of Qolsys. “IQ Panel 4 builds its foundation on what we’ve learned over ten years of hardware development, 32 software updates, and listening to customer feedback.”

For professional-grade applications indoors and outdoors, the hub can support up to 128 wireless devices of various types, including quality security sensors. The IQ Panel 4 supports security sensors from Qolsys PowerG range; it can communicate via 4G LTE and Wi-Fi Dual-Path, 868mhz radio frequency, Z-Wave 700 Series and Bluetooth 4.2.

The system can include a wireless keypad that allows users to control the system’s core functions without using a networked device.

The IQ Panel 4 offers extensive integration with Alarm.com interactive services allowing the integration of video doorbells, internal/external cameras, access control, lighting, heating and other smart devices all into a single panel and an all-in-one app.

Daniel Kerzner, Alarm.com’s Chief Product Officer, added, “Focusing on enhanced security and streamlined installations, we believe the IQ Panel 4 paired with Alarm.com services will deliver an integrated and exceptional experience for service providers and end users.”

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