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TAKEX TXF-20TDM twin beam security sensor

by Geny Caloisi

The battery-operated TXF-20TDM Twin Beam from TAKEX is designed to integrate with leading wireless systems to create rapid deployment, temporary or permanent intruder detection systems and is a finalist in this year’s Benchmark Innovation Awards 2023 on the Alarm/Detection Category.

Being battery-powered, the need for trenching, cabling and associated civil/groundworks costs are negated, making the solution highly versatile for use in areas where ‘hard-wired’ solutions are impractical or impossible.

There is no compromise by using a battery-powered solution, as TXF-20TDM uses the same Double Modulated technology found in the rest of the TAKEX range, ensuring excellent white light immunity from sunlight (direct and reflected), vehicle headlights and other intense sources.

Comprising of a Transmitter and Receiver, the beam ‘set’ is easily aligned using improved optical sights, an audible tone, and voltage monitoring jacks to finalise the fine-tuning, ensuring the best possible alignment and producing the optimal result.

With 190° horizontal and +/- 10° vertical adjustment, the TXF-20TDM can be customised to work in the most challenging locations whilst maintaining system integrity, and the twin beam arrangement ensures that environmental issues such as bird and falling leaves don’t create ‘nuisance alarms’.

With an external range of up to 20m, the TXF-20TDM offers four channel selections, allowing beams to be stacked or used in linear installations without fear of ‘crosstalk interference’, and the response time can be customised to cater for different applications and requirements.

The weatherproof IP55 housing ensures the TXF-20TDM can be used in the harshest of conditions, and the very low current consumption means that using just two batteries in each unit, up to three years of battery life, can be expected.

The TXF-20TDM is typically installed across driveways, and shutters, along fences and used in sites where rapid deployment or temporary coverage without compromise is required, such as building sites, vehicle storage, and scaffolding, to name but a few.

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