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Takex keeps a steady gaze over the industry’s changing landscape

by Geny Caloisi

Takex Europe, a company specialising in external detector technologies, has maintained its core business model for over 20 years. We interview Mike Burgess, Takex EMEA Sales Manager, who has been at the company for 21 years, to find out how has this been possible to achieve in a changing market.

Takenaka Sensor Group began in 1959; Takex Europe was implemented in 1990 to service and nurture the European side of the business, which has grown to cover the entire EMEA region.

Mike points out that, despite its global reach, Takex has never lost sight of the personal aspect of the business-building relationships that have lasted decades, maintaining the focus of providing products that exceed expectations. “Finding reliable global or national partners who add value to the product portfolio with local market expertise, and maintaining and growing the established relationships. The products have been improved over time, but the formula of quality rather than compromise has been upheld.”

Offering wired and wireless solutions, Takex manufactures Photoelectric Beams, PIR, Attention Sensors, Flame Sensors, to name but a few.

When it comes to false alarms, Mike controversially says that there are no such things as ‘false alarms.’ Watch the video interview to find out more.

Benchmark Magazine: Can you describe your company in three words?

Mike Burgess: Professional, Personal, Traditional

 BM: How many people do you employ today?

MB: With a global complement of over 450 employees, Takex Europe is a small family of 7 people.

BM: What do you consider are the Takex flagship products?

MB: We have always had a reputation for producing the best point to point beams; our PBIN~HFA has been recognised as the industry’s benchmark for many years.

Our latest product is the TXF-125DM, a battery-operated Quad beam designed to be compatible with all leading wireless systems, allowing Active Infrared Beams on rapid deployment temporary installations.

If what’s needed is a detector that can cope with extreme environmental conditions, you can choose our MX-12FAMD, a triple detection outdoor PIR with K-band microwave and anti-masking.

We have solutions for most requirements. The PR-30BE uses ‘time of flight’ technology to measure light reception and timing. This means no more lost alarms from highly reflective objects such as white vehicles.

It provides the performance of a traditional point-to-point beam sensor with the single-ended convenience of a PIR detector.

Twin Beams are the most commonly used beams. As the name suggests, there are two beams between transmitter and receiver units, both of which need to be broken to initiate activation.

Twin Beams are ideal for protecting windows, doors, fence lines and driveways.

BM: Why do your customers buy from you?

MB: Personal accountability and client ownership coupled with world-class products have meant our clients get the best of both worlds, being made to feel valued and trusted. Many large corporations lose sight of relationships in an increasingly inorganic world these days.

BM: What is its most significant problem or weakness, and what’s the solution?

MB: Low cost seemingly ‘exceptional’ products are always stretching consumers’ expectations. Only through either education or consumer ‘mistakes’ can the true ‘value’ of quality be realised.

BM: What’s your company’s competitive strategy in a nutshell?

MB: In an increasingly swamped market, the strength of trust and relationships will ensure the survival of brands where service and loyalty are recognised by the brand and its partners/consumers.

BM: What do you think will be the most significant security trends by the end of 2022?

MB: The ever-advancing integration of home automation will considerably influence the domestic portion of the security industry; for the broader market, the advances in video analytics will see the continued increasing dependence on CCTV applications.

BM: Please, can you describe your role at Takex?

MB: I am multifunctional – involved in all parts of the business, from unloading the containers, helping out in the warehouse, assisting with logistics, establishing and maintaining client relationships, and seeking new partners

BM: What is your background — what did you do before you started, bought or came into this business?

MB: I cut my teeth in retail, selling high-end brown goods, where I learnt to listen, interpret, and comprehend customer requirements. This was where I quickly learnt the value of building trust. Sadly, the public’s attitudes towards shop staff deteriorated to such an extent that I decided it was time for a new challenge.

BM: Describe your training, your interests, and or hobbies. 

MB: Most of what I have learnt has been self-taught through experience. I find people fascinating, and working with everyone I meet can teach me something. I have no idea what that may be when I meet them; it could be practical, emotional or philosophical. I like to find out what makes people’ tick’, and what we have in common.

When I’m not at the office, I can often be found tinkering with my 1966 MG or busy in the garden.

When it’s too cold/wet/grotty, I will be buried in a book or enjoying part of my extensive music library.



BM:  If you had chosen a different career path, what would that be?

MB: I would have been a teacher* (a vocation in my family tree), I did consider it when I jumped ship from retail over 20 years ago, but financially it would have been challenging.

*Watch Mike’s very instructive videos and read his guides, and you’ll see that the teacher’s soul remains. Visit:  https://takex.com/gb/instructional-videos

BM: What is your most outstanding life achievement?

MB: Isn’t it every parent’s duty to raise children they can be proud of? – because I have and I am.

Connect with Mike Burgess:
LI: linkedin.com/in/mike-burgess-a0453825
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.takex.com

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