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Takex’s TXF-125DM provides a solution for solar farms

by Geny Caloisi

Takex’s battery-powered quad beam, the TXF-125DM, features a wide beam pitch to ensure stability and prevent unwanted activations by wildlife or debris. In addition, with its IP65 design, the TXF-125DM can withstand harsh environmental conditions, preventing water, dust, and insects from getting in while allowing moisture within to evaporate, preventing condensation.

The TXF-125DM has been nominated for a Benchmark Innovation Award 2022 finalist in the Alarm and Detection category for its versatility and robustness.

One of the core advantages of TAKEX Active Infrared beams is the patented combination of Double Modulation, PLL Circuitry and Environmental Monitoring and compensation.
Mike Burgess, EMEA Sales Manager at TAKEX explains, “ As the patented technology was power hungry, we had to compromise on these key features when we introduced our first battery-powered beams. Although this meant that we could offer excellent battery life (up to 10 years) and most key features, including channel selection and environmental monitoring and compensation with 100m of external coverage, we were told that double modulation was impossible.”
Two years later, the Takex R&D department made the impossible a reality, overcoming the challenges and providing us with the ultimate battery-powered active beam solution. The battery life is now a more rational three years, but the core advantages have been restored. The result is the TXF-125DM, Takex’s 100m Double Modulated Intelligent Quad beam.
“In the past when projects have requested the original version, we have always been mindful of the environment and the challenges,” expands Burgess, “A good example being the Solar Farms throughout Europe. We have discouraged people from using Single Modulated beams (not just ours) because of the issues of sunlight reflections from the solar panels, while not an issue for our hard-wired models which have been extensively used, we weren’t comfortable recommending our battery-powered solution. As a result, we have seen the confidence in our conventional flagship products extend to our battery-powered products.”

Among the features of the TXF-125DM are: a Drip-Proof housing designed to channel rain away from the optical face of the beam, Anti-bird spikes to prevent birds from landing on the units, and adjustable heads of 90° horizontal and 20° vertical to cater to even the most dynamic terrain.

Installation can be tailored to the project’s needs. With the four-channel selection, beams can be stacked, or multiple beams can be used on linear installations. A transmitter power selection option allows users to choose zone lengths of 25/50/75/100m. A bright colour scheme combined with Dual Ring Gun Sights facilitates faster alignment, aided by the audible monitor tone.
The TXF-125DM is now considered a viable solution where light immunity is vital, not just from direct or reflected sunlight but also from other infrared sources such as IR illuminators employed with day and night CCTV.

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