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Wisenet Viewer 1.0 improves viewing and managing multiple video

by Geny Caloisi
Hanwha Techwin has launched Wisenet Viewer 1.0, a new NVR/DVR viewer that makes it simple to view and manage different video sources through one interface. Wisenet Viewer 1.0 makes video management easy and works with all Wisenet recorders. 

The new version removes the need for a dedicated server to manage all video sources, leading to cost reductions and helping to preserve existing investments without new licences or replacing all recorders. 

Through Wisenet Viewer 1.0, operators can view multiple applications on multiple monitors, including web pages and images. They can also monitor live video, search and play recorded video, and set event rules like alarms, video and audio analytics, face detection, tampering, and object detection. The software supports Windows and macOS operating systems.

Operators can quickly adapt Wisenet Viewer 1.0 to their needs with custom layouts that can include multiple tabs and windows. Video files can be easily organised and resized with a few clicks. User permissions can also be set and removed through the software.

Uri Guterman, Head of Product & Marketing for Hanwha Techwin Europe, said: “We aim to continuously raise the bar for video surveillance and help our customers innovate with video technology. The Wisenet Viewer 1.0 will support these goals, making it easier for organisations to manage different video streams, triggered events, and, overall, gain greater intelligence of events happening on-the-ground.”

Wisenet Viewer 1.0 is easy to set up and saves time and maintenance overheads. It is free when organisations buy a Wisenet recorder. 

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