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Ujazdowski Castle, the Centre for Contemporary Art chooses Hanwha

by Geny Caloisi
The Centre for Contemporary Art based in Ujazdowski Castle, is a space that uses art to help visitors reflect on the world. It aims to invite discussion about some of the pieces where different art disciplines blend together in creative experiments.

To achieve this, the space – which is located at the heart of Warsaw, Poland – hosts events, exhibitions, a cinema, a bookshop, a library, and an art residency programme. 


The Centre for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle, needed a system that was flexible to the different needs of the many spaces in the museum, and that worked with the castle’s 13th-century aesthetic. The team decided to invest in advanced IP cameras to deliver state-of-the-art video and audio analytics to protect people, assets, and artwork with great accuracy. 

The Wisenet P and X series AI cameras were chosen due to their built-in deep learning analytics, along with the intuitive and easy-to-use Wisenet WAVE video management system (VMS) and WAVE Video Wall (to display critical areas simultaneously). 

Depth and breadth

Wisenet P series cameras are used to focus on specific areas such as high-value artwork or entrances and exits. Fisheye X series cameras monitor entire rooms to give operators a comprehensive overview of everything happening in the museum. The P series AI cameras have AI analytics and sound classification to detect people standing or moving too close to museum exhibits. Deep learning ensures that false alarms are minimized, particularly in rooms with low-level lighting where shadows can trigger a false alarm.

As the system was installed during the Covid-19 pandemic, the P series AI cameras additionally supported with People Counting, Face Mask Detection, and Occupancy Monitoring to ensure public health measures were adhered to. 

Integration with audio

The video surveillance system, powered by Wisenet WAVE, integrates with a two-way audio communication system so operators can ask visitors to step back from the exhibits when a close distance is detected. Proximity alerts are important to the museum’s security team as some exhibits are placed in the middle of, or overhanging a space, or within a room that people are encouraged to walk through and experience. 

Video analytics also includes line crossing detection and intrusion, which automatically trigger alerts to the control room and also follows automatic rules (locking down an area, for example). 

Easy management

“Our operators can manage everything easily through Wisenet WAVE, including alarms so they are not distracted by false alarms being sounded all of the time. There is also the option to search using AI attributes and different parameters and to create rules that automate processes. This helps make our security more intelligent and efficient,” explains Rafał Filipowicz, Head of IT and Multimedia Department at Ujazdowski Castle. 

WAVE also comes with an intelligent de-warping function that reduces the distortion from the fisheye lens. Operators can more clearly and accurately see what’s happening in a room. 

Monitoring everything

The WAVE video wall functionality allows the Ujazdowski Castle team to create multiple layouts of the most critical parts of the museum, such as its most valuable exhibits. Operators can proactively monitor what’s happening in these high-value spaces. Video analytics running in the background will issue automatic alerts for any events that need further investigation — ensuring that operators don’t miss a thing. 

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