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How to be a visionary in the security industry, Webeye’s journey

by Geny Caloisi
Webeye was founded in 2011 by Clive Mason, a well-known security professional, the company’s CEO and still very much involved in the company’s development, strategy and vision. We interviewed Clive to learn more about the company’s evolution to what it is today. He also gives us an exclusive insight into the company’s new product, Vigileyez.

With safety and security as the focus of its business, Webeye provides hardware and software security solutions that include CCTV, intruder alarms, and visual verification systems. This company is primarily involved in the rapid deployment and temporary security markets.

There is a cloud-based alarm and monitoring platform at the heart of Webeye’s security solution, webeyeCMS, that can integrate third-party applications to suit individual business needs as part of Webeye’s security solution. Soon, webeye will also become a manufacturer of a next-generation battery-operated, 4G enabled video alarm transmission system that uses radio technology that will be fully battery-operated, 4G connected, and fully wireless.

As part of our support for its customers, Webeye has several specialist teams not only in the area of software development but also in the area of training and customer service and support.

Whether it is a DIY security system or a professionally monitored security system centred around a rapid deployment project, Webeye offers a one-stop shop that includes visual verification, alarms, and all of the software that receives it to improve the effectiveness of security.

Benchmark Magazine: Can you describe your company in three words?

Clive Mason: Innovating the future

BM: How many people do you employ today?

CM: We currently have 23 employees.

BM: How have your methods for doing business, or the product(s) or service line(s) you market, changed since the inception of your business?

CM: Our company started as a distribution company and has developed into a software house that integrates the products we distribute with the software we produce.

Our company evolved into a turnkey solution provider, manufacturing, developing, integrating, hosting, supplying, and providing all the products and services needed to install a rapidly deployable security solution confidently.

BM: What are the company’s flagship products?

1. The webeyeCMS video alarm receiving handling management platform.

2. In the works is the Vigileyez solution, a fully battery-operated, wireless radio, video alarm transmission system. This camera features a battery-powered 4G and Wi-Fi alarm panel that can connect to 32 devices. This includes a 5MP outdoor camera, two indoor badge readers, smoke detectors, door contacts, and sirens; indoors and outdoors control 32 devices with one central alarm panel.

3. The webeyeGO box and security tower, complete with solar, allowing 24/7, 365-day coverage of live CCTV with alarms, without the need for the main power source.

BM: What is the company’s greatest strength?

CM: Having a full complement of manufacturing, development, and supply is one of the greatest assets in our market, as this allows us to compete with our competitors on a level playing field.

BM: What is its most significant problem or weakness, and what’s the solution?

CM: The products are next-generation and futuristic, so educating prospects and clients have been challenging. This could be considered our biggest weakness. To enhance the way we portray our vision, we have focused on a clear outgoing message, using a combination of different media channels, trade shows and training to reach the broadest audience possible.

BM: What is the company’s long-term strategy?

CM: Our long-term strategy is to become the leading provider of cloud-based video alarm-receiving software and to continue to develop integrations between hardware we may create and third-party hardware that may be developed in the future.

BM: What is your biggest complaint about the industry, and how does your company address this problem?

CM: Our clients complain that their clients want to pay as little as possible for security, so to put it bluntly, it’s a grudge purchase. Webeye offers a low-cost, no upfront payment, pay-as-you-go alarm platform, which has to be one of the most cost-effective worldwide. In addition, it integrates cost-effective hardware without compromising quality.

BM: What will be the most significant security trends by 2023?

CM: There is no doubt that the move to video will be the most significant trend for this year and many years to come, and it will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. In addition, the use of the cloud is becoming ever more frequent, and the move to this environment will dominate the next decade.

About Clive Mason

Clive Mason has genuine insight into security and safety. He was a police officer for 27 years, carrying out several roles, including the first response. Later he became a police detective working on more serious crimes and then on a proactive undercover burglary squad. In his last role before becoming an entrepreneur, Clive was seconded to the information network services department. As a project manager, he procured and implemented the role of the forces’ criminal intelligence system.

Clive says. “I’ve always been interested in technology, particularly those involving security and the use of CCTV to identify criminals at the point of committing the crime rather than after the event,” and adds, “I don’t have much time for hobbies, but I do like travel, and I am fortunate to have a vacation home in Florida USA.”

Clive’s day-to-day involvement within the company consists of engaging/assisting in writing legal contracts, strategic and financial meetings, and monitoring activities. In addition, he helps and advises the Managing Director of the business, Duncan Weir.

BM: What do you do when you’re not at the office?

CM: When I’m not in the office, I live on a disused farm and have 1.75 acres of land, which takes me four hours to mow, so I spend a lot of time upkeeping that. I love animals and spend time with my pets at the house. I also take new gadgets from the office, mount them around my home, and test their capabilities.

BM: If you had chosen a different career path, what would that be?

CM: Almost certainly, I would have been a software developer if I had had my time today, and computers would have been like they are today.

BM: What is your most outstanding life achievement?

CM: Apart from getting married and having my two children, it has to be founding the business and seeing it grow and prosper the way it has. I get more satisfaction than anything else when I see a satisfied client.

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